VectorMount for GoPro – Centrifugal fun

Point of view (POV) cameras are all the rage now, and it seems that new models from manufacturers are popping up all over the place.  Being able to take POV footage is great, but sometimes the footage from a static mounting position can get a bit boring. How do you make your footage stand out from the mountains of footage being posted on YouTube everyday?  VectorMount is a vehicle mounting system for the GoPro range of cameras that uses  inertial and centrifugal force to swing the camera around, giving a much more dynamic view. For example, rather than filming where the front of the car is  “looking” for the whole time, the VectorMount allows you to dynamically “look into the corner” just like the driver’s view would be.

The modular system starts at $249 for their tri-base package, and additional mounts and accessories are available from their estore.

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