KOLOS Gaming Wheel for iPad

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I keep reading articles about how the iPad is becoming more and more important as a gaming system, and then I think of how sore my hands and wrists can get after hours of just holding my iPad still while I read.  This Indiegogo crowd-funding project for a gaming accessory for the iPad could address many of the problems with gaming on the iPad.  The KOLOS gaming wheel holds the iPad inside a “steering wheel”, which provides a more comfortable grip than the thin, sharp edges of the iPad.  The gaming wheel can be used alone during game play, and it allows the accelerometer to come into play in this mode.  There’s also an optional stand that clamps the wheel on a table top for driving games and the like, or it can just be used as a stand for the iPad.  The KOLOS will be available in black or gray.  A pledge of $50 gets you a steering wheel only; $85 gets both the wheel and the clamping stand.  There’s 23 days left in the funding period as of the time of this writing, and they have a long way to reach their $150,000 target.

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