Nebula 12 – Hey, you! Get off of my cloud


Here’s one more reason that proves the human race can’t do anything anymore unless it involves a gadget… Introducing the Nebula 12 concept indoor weather forecast station. Developed by the same Swiss team that will be bringing you the insanely expensive power generating iRock rocking chair, the Nebula 12 puts a self generating indoor cloud in your home. There will be no need to look outside to see if it’s cloudy or if the sun is shining because the Nebula device hanging from your ceiling will show you. How does it work? According to their website:

The cloud involves some peculiar techniques, liquid nitrogen, WiFi, and high power vacuum suction.

No info on pricing or if/when it will ever be available to the public. It’s pretty cool, but I think I’ll just save some money and look out the window. What do you guys think?

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