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Lets face it, your Android phone’s fine for texting once in a while, but the small screen and even the best virtual keyboards aren’t the ideal for long and frequent message exchanges.  MightyText  is an app that installs on your phone, and as long as your phone is connected to the internet and you’ve got a browser available, you can send and recieve SMS text messages with your computer or tablet.  The nice thing is that sent messages show as coming from your phone number and fully sync with your phone’s SMS logs. Even if your phone’s not near you, you can easily send, receive and keep track of your texts.

Free from the Google Play Store.

Updates 04/21/16

Wanna send and receive text messages from you Android phone via your desktop? This is still one of the first apps I loaded on any new Android phone. The convenience for both home and work is fantastic.

5 thoughts on “MightyText for Android – Text from your phone with your browser”

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    1. @Brad because a PC has a full size keyboard and it is much faster to write a message with a keyboard than with a touch screen. I guess if you’re just sending messages like LOL or TTYL, it doesn’t matter. But when you actually want to say something meaningful, this would be much easier.

  2. @Brad – my kids are on a 1c text plan so it’s much cheaper for them to text me rather than call me (something like 30c flagfall + 30c per minutes or something ridiculous). they might be with mates and not want me to call them 🙂 If I’m at work we may have a 12 text + exchange about what’s happening. Using my notebook keyboard just makes it so much easier. Or if I’ve left my phone downstairs I can tell I’ve got texts if I don’t hear the notification and reply to them without having to go and get my phone (lazy huh! 🙂 )

  3. I’m still using MightyText and love it (thanks Ian!). It’s great to have my text message history on my computer as well as my phone. When I’m at home, my phone is usually downstairs in the charging cradle. So it’s cool to be able to see/reply/initiate text messages upstairs on my laptop.

    I also like that since I’m using a Chrome plugin, it follows me around to every machine I use. Seems crazy that it’s free…

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