Oberon Design Siena iPad cover review

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If you’re looking for a unique case for your iPad that will combine your sexy digital tablet with old world style artisan crafted protection, the Oberon Design Siena iPad case has you covered… your iPad that is… Let me show you.

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Brendan Smith, the owner and founder of California based Oberon Design, traveled to Italy when he was young and has always remembered the traditional leather work he saw there. The Siena line of covers for the Kindle, Nook and iPad are an homage to the craftsmanship he saw there, with his own modern day spin.

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Your first look at the Siena iPad cover tells you it’s something special when you see the pewter button cover clasp.

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Resembling a book from over 100 years ago, the Siena cover feels like a luxury item in your hands. The thick front and back covers are rigid and rugged while still being smooth and comfortable to the touch. Then there’s the spine of the cover which really sets off the whole look. It’s made of a different color than the rest of the cover to really make it stand out. The Siena is available in 13 different color combinations.

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The leather quality for this cover is very high. I could not find any defects at all in it or the stitching.

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As you can see from the image above, there’s a circular cutout for the camera on the back of the iPad. I actually wish this cutout didn’t exist… But that’s just me.

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When you open the cover, you’ll find a black leather interior with a two pockets on the cover side and the iPad holder on the opposite side.

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Getting the iPad situated in the holder takes a bit of wrestling due to the 3 leather corner straps. But once seated, it is not going anywhere. A fuzzy felt liner on the inside of the cover, helps protect the iPad’s display with the cover is closed.

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The thick leather covers are sized to extend past the edges of the iPad, to offer protection in the event of a fall. The corners and edges of the case will take the impact of the fall instead of the tablet.

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This protection does come at a price though. That price is added bulk. The Siena case is not thin or light weight. Alone, it weighs in at 1lb .8oz, and with the 3rd generation iPad, the total weight of the two items is 2lb 8.4oz.

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Using your iPad while the cover is attached will feel like you’ve already guessed it will feel… just like a book. The cover opens a like a book and will remain opened and flat. Unfortunately the cover does not have an embedded magnet, so it will not automatically turn on/off the iPad when opened or closed.

You can also fold the cover underneath the iPad if you want to use the tablet in landscape orientation on your lap or a table.

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When used in this orientation, an elastic band can be secured under a leather flap sewn into the edge of the cover. This helps keep the cover in the right position to be used as a stand.

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It raises the back of the tablet providing a nice angle for typing and / or viewing in this orientation.

No matter which orientation you use the cover, you’ll still have unrestricted access to the display, home button, docking connector, volume buttons, headphone jack and power button.

Although this cover might not be the best solution for everyone due to the additional bulk, the Oberon Design Siena iPad cover is gorgeous, protective and has been crafted to last much longer than your iPad will probably last. If you like mixing old with new, you’ll appreciate this cover.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Oberon Design
  • Rugged
  • Beautiful
  • Built in stand
  • Cover does not activate iPad when opened
  • Adds considerable bulk

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  2. I just visited their site, checked out the many products and watched video for the Nexus 7 cover and I’m impressed by the quality and beauty of the work.
    As soon as I can decide on which of the many designs to choose from, I’m pulling the trigger.
    Thanks for the fine, detailed review.

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