Treegloo Nexus 7 Case – Woodn’t you like one?

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Want a case for your Nexus 7, iPad 2/3 or Kindle Keyboard that’s just that little bit different?  Treegloo might be for you.  Custom-made and handcrafted using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, Treegloo offers 10+ cover colors, 27 interior designs, 6 frame finishes and 4 closure options. Creating a unique case that fits your personality shouldn’t be too much of an problem.

Pricing starts at $34.95, and you can create your personalised case in their custom builder.

13 thoughts on “Treegloo Nexus 7 Case – Woodn’t you like one?”

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  2. I have one of these! The quality is fantastic, and the fit and finish is exquisite. It’s a little bit of a wait, but it’s more than worth it.

    If you want stealth, then spring that extra bit for the black/ebony frame. My friends didn’t even realize I was carrying a Nexus 7.

  3. Be prepared to wait 2+ months for a case and numerous emails back and forth trying to find out when it will be shipped. I ordered a case on October 4th and still have not received it as of this date. Truly horrendous customer service, you have been warned.

  4. @Dee.D – I’ve been waiting for one to review since October too 🙁 That being said they released the Streamliner during that time as well and believe I may be getting one of them instead/as well. Still waiting…. hope yours arrives soon.

  5. Yeah, I’d love to have the one I ordered on Oct. 19. Take a look at the numerous complaints on the web about this company. People who have gotten one say it’s worth the wait, but I can’t believe that waiting 2-3 months for one of these is really worth it. We’re not talking custom-made furniture here. I’ve been e-mailing, asking where my cover is and all I get are excuses.

  6. I ordere3d one on Nov 27 for my daughter for Christmas. Website indicated about 20 days for delivery. I just received it today. I emailed them around Dec. 20th to see where it was. Received an email back that said it would be shipped and arrive in time for Christmas. A week later I received an email that said due to weather and the need for things to dry and etc. It would come in a week. I sent an email and said I was disappointed in their service. No reply. Just an email saying it shipped.

    It is the streamliner and compared to the one I ended up buying my daughter for Christmas, it looks very cheaply made. I hesitate to even show it my daughter. One small piece of poorly painted black wood and cheap adhesive strips to hold the tablet.
    It looks like something that was made in a high school shop class.

  7. I ordered mine Nov 2, 2012.
    Checked Status Nov 28, 2012 with a promise of “Fulfilling all orders for the Holidays, and your order is expected to ship before or in time for Christmas”
    Checked Again Dec 20, 2012 automated reply of “ALL orders will be delivered by Christmas!”
    Check Again Dec 27, 2012 received a response that “Your case will be shipping out in this upcoming week, and tracking information will be sent when your case ships.We use natural, water-based materials and adhesives for our cases, which can unfortunately be affected by weather conditions and humidity. With the drastic temperature changes in our region, we would prefer to give extra curing time to make sure you receive the top-quality cases we are known for.”

    Jan 5, 2013 Received notice my order had Shipped (Finally)
    Jan 16 Checked Status (Plenty of time for it to make it from anywhere in the world to me). USPS reports they have received the shipping information but not the package. I also sent an E-mail to TREEGloo again.
    Jan 21 Rcvd a response saying my order was mixed up with a larger shipment and I should see movement on your tracking information between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (Monday is a postal holiday), for delivery between Friday and Saturday.
    They gave me a 5$ refund.
    Friday Jan 25th Still no movement on Order. E-mail them again, and got a response within 30 minutes. “I understand that some of the packages are on their way back to our facility for inspection and reshipping, as these were notated as damaged”
    Jan 29th Still no movement on USPS tracking information, and no case. I have had my tablet so long that putting in a nice case doesn’t matter any more.

  8. Treegloo is a TERRIBLE company!:

    Although there are many negative reviews and thoughts on Treegloo all over the internet I decided to give them a chance because of how they seem to be a great environmentally friendly company. I ordered a Nexus 7 case. I understood that these are handmade and will take a little extra time to be completed.

    Upon ordering the case I never received a tracking or order number and only received a receipt for the $89.00 that I was spending. Some time went by without hearing anything from the company. I emailed to check on the status and only received a generic it will take time sometimes up to 21 business days. Never a word about my order specifically or even a question to make it seem as if they looked up my order.

    Upon the eve of the 21st business day I sent an email to the company again trying to check the status of my order. And again I received a generic standard response saying it’s being worked on. At the end of that day I sent another email saying that I thought it fair to give them that day to get back to me before I discussed these issues online with the public. Magically a couple hours after that email i received a response saying it takes 24-48 hours to respond to emails, which was odd because this response was only hours after voicing my displeasure with the company. The response said because of my complaints they were cancelling my order and refunding my money. At this moment there money has not shown up in my bank account, so I am anxiously awaiting confirmation that this terrible company did in fact refund my money.

    Handmade products take time to create, but customer service should be immediate. The way this company ignores its customers and the terrible way they respond to a complaint is reprehensible. I would never give this company a second chance nor would I ever allow any one I know or even a stranger to even consider doing business with this company. Again, I think their idea of helping the environment is fantastic but I wish that goal could be done by other companies. This must be why there are 29 active complaints on the BBB regarding Treegloo.

  9. I ordered mine in early December and it stated on their site that it will ship by the Christmas. I emailed for a status and was told that it would be shipped in a couple days. Waited 2 weeks near the end of January and still no notification. I emailed again and the person said it was a miscommunication and will be shipping it out by end of Friday. I waited a week after and still no notification. They gave me the runaround 3 times so I asked for a refund. I was willing to wait, but to be lied to 3 times shows no integrity and respect. Shame on them (Treegloo). I have the email string to prove it, if in case they think that I’m just ranting.

    I recommend Portenzo (…. Also hand crafted and you get it within 2 weeks.

    1. Let’s just say I’ve been waiting for a review unit since October and have pretty much given up on ever getting it. From what I can gather a nice unit IF you can get hold of one in a timely manner 🙂

  10. Same issues on this end. I ordered a case in mid-February. I emailed in early April to get an update and was promised that my case would be shipping in a week. No case as of April 15th, so I started emailing again on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th with no response. I have been waiting to carry my Nexus 7 on my commutes since February. I gave up waiting for Treegloo and ordered a Dodo Case on the April 15th. It arrived on the 17th and is very nice quality. I know that these Treegloo cases are supposed to be eco-friendly, but how eco-friendly is it to buy a second case while waiting for Treegloo to finally respond?

    The really shady thing is that they charged my account the day after I placed my order, and have ignored my requests for a refund. In my opinion they should not be charging customers until their product ships.

    All I can say is, buyer beware…

  11. okay, after half a dozen attempts to get a response from treegloo i contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. they are supposed to refund my money within 72 hours and will follow up with treegloo themselves.

  12. Looks like they’re creating ones for the New Nexus.. think they will let customers that have been waiting 6 plus months for their Nexus case change to a New Nexus case?

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