VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube Photo Printer Review

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If own an iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy using your phone as a camera to snap all manner of pics, the VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube Photo Printer is a great little accessory to consider if you’re the type of person that likes instant gratification. Staples was kind enough to sent me this printer for review and I’ve been having fun printing snapshots for a few weeks now. Let’s take a look.

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Hardware Specs

System Requirements: iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation) – iOS 3.0 and above, iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G – iOS 3.0 and above, iPad, iPad 2 – iOS 3.0 and above, Android smartphones and tablets OS 2.0 and above
Print resolution – Up to 300 dpi
Technology – Thermal Transfer
Ink / Paper cartridge output capacity – Up to 36 borderless color photos
Print speed – As fast as 55 seconds per sheet
Connectivity – USB, direct to phone, tablet
Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 4″H x 6″W x 7″D

Package Contents

Photo Cube
User Manual
AC Adapter
Power Cord
Trial ink/photo cartridge (Up to 12 photos)

I’ve reviewed other compact printers in the past, but the VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube is the smallest so far. It’s a solidly built device with a very simple design that includes 1 button to toggle power, an 30pin iPhone/iPod dock and a USB port to connect iOS and / or Android Smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately though, you can’t use this printer with your laptop or desktop PC / Mac. It’s iOS/Android only.

In addition to printing photos, the Photo Cube will also charge your device while it’s docked or connected to the USB port.

The consumables for this printer include ink and paper. They both come in one cartridge that provides up to 36 color prints and costs $19.99 through Staples (cheapest place I’ve seen it). That works out to 55 cents a print. That’s expensive when compared to printing with a regular color ink jet printer, but the advantage of the Photo Cube is its portability and instant print gratification.

Replacing the cartridge is very simple and completely clean. No worries of getting ink on your hands or clothes. A door on the side opens to reveal the cartridge slot. Flipping down the Orange lock will allow you to remove the empty cartridge and slide a new one in. That’s it.

To use the Photo Cube, you’ll need to install the free Photo Cube app on your iOS or Android device. From this app, you can select pictures from your camera roll to print.


The app allows you to print 1, 4 or 10 images per sheet and up to 4 copies of each image.

Once you select your image to print, press the onscreen print button and the Photo Cube will begin printing. It will first spit out the 4×6 inch photo with no ink and then pull it back in to print the first layer of color, which is Yellow. It will then pull the paper back into the printer to print a layer of Red, then Blue and finally what I guess is Black. The whole process takes a little less than a minute.

The resulting photo comes out totally dry. I have printed quite a few photos with the Photo Cube and so far am pretty happy with the results. Unlike the Polaroid PoGo printer I bought, the Photo Cube’s prints do not have color banding problems.  The print have good color and crisp lines. Of course if you already have an ink jet printer, this printer is not going to create better prints. But, you can’t (easily) take your full sized ink jet printer to a party or other event where you want to share quick prints. The VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube would be a fun gadget to take a long to a family reunion, wedding, holiday get together, etc. It’s easy to use and will give smartphone photo snappers almost instant gratification when they see their pictures printed in less than a minute.


Product Information

Price:$99.99 / $19.99 replacement ink/paper cartridge
Manufacturer:VuPoint Solutions
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Tablets
  • Easy to use
  • Fast printing
  • Portable
  • Paper and ink are one easy to install cartidge
  • Ink/paper replacement cartridge price
  • Can't use with Mac or PCs

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  2. Do you know if this is, in fact, the exact same thing as “the iphone photo printer” that is sold elsewhere for $159.99? It sure looks like it is to me – model numbers match up and everything. I would prefer to go with paying sixty bucks less for the same thing if I can.

  3. I’ve been trying to print saved photos from Instagram, but cannot get them to print in that (square) format… Is there a fix for this? I’m very happy with darned thing, though, besides it cutting off the sides of my Instagram photos. Also having a hard time finding photo cube support….

  4. Hi we have been using photo cube printer for 2 yrs via my moms iphone 3s. The app now requires ios 4.3 from the app store. 3s cannot be updated further. The app just locks up and that is when I discovered this info when I attempted to redownload the app. Any suggestions?

  5. the photo cube is fabulous and I have enjoyed using it for 2 years. No my problem is that I have the new Iphone 5 an the phone does not fit – can’t find a gadget that is a converter to place on my Iphone 5 that will fit on cube. Any suggestions or do I have to get rid of cube and all the extra cartridges I have purchased?

  6. I just bought this for a Christmas Gift and realized the person just upgraded to the iPhone5. Do you need that pin adapter or can it be hooked up with a USB wire?


  7. Is there anyway to put your own paper or flash cards in this printer to use rather than the glossy paper it comes with?

  8. I just am using the cube for the 1st time, and I’m finding that many of my pics are “too low of resolution, will result im poor pic quality” . Some are shot with an iphone6 or 5 and the pics look very good. Can you give any imfo./help with this! Thanks.

  9. I don’t know why so many people are asking you questions they can get the answers to by checking out the printers website or amazon. My question is whether you can possibly share the pictures of the actual photos you printed. I can’t find good quality examples anywhere and the only one you show is hard to see. Would love to really see the print quality.

  10. My daughters phone will not connect. She used it and printed some beautiful photos she took and all of a sudden it no longer is working. It says to connect phone to the docking station. We even tried the USB and no luck. Really bummed out. This was her favorite gift from her grandmother who passed away a day after giving it to her. They both enjoyed photography. Help please

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