HuMn Wallet – Interesting Minimalist Wallet Design

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humn wallet

I am going to come out of the closet… and admit that I have a wallet fetish. I am always surfing the net and browsing magazines to find cool new wallet designs. So far I haven’t found a new wallet that makes me want to switch from my all time favorite Waterfield Designs zippered wallet, but that doesn’t stop me from looking. Gadgeteer reader Griffon B sent me a link to a wallet that is unlike any wallet I’ve seen so far. It’s the HuMn wallet that takes a new approach to customizable slim minimalist currency and credit card pocket storage. The HuMn features aluminum plates that are held together by an elastic band. The plates have slots in the sides to allow you to add as many or few as you like. Various colors are also available. To use the wallet, you open it kind of like an expanding accordion file (see the videos). I think it’s an interesting concept, but I think you would need to be really careful how you access your credit cards. If you con’t keep your hands under the bottom edge, it’s entirely possible that the cards will fall out if you stretch the band too far. If you’re interested in trying out the HuMn wallet, you can buy a 2 plate version starting at $78. Additional plates run $39.

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  2. I share that fetish/obsession, Julie.

    My last three have been:


    Tom Bihn (;

    Big Skinny

    Really liking the Big Skinny currently. As much for the price as anything else.

    This HuMn is mighty pricey. If I buy that, there won’t be anything to put in it, if you know what I mean.

    And I like the Waterfield design, but for some reason haven’t used it in a while. Love the Waterfield Indium trim.

    1. @Helen Darn you! Why did you have to show me that link to Daymaker (never heard of them till now)? Now I’ll have to order one of those zippered wallets. 😉 How does it compare in size to the Waterfield?

  3. julie … and others with your obsession for skinny little or just darn cool wallets: stop by zerOz and check us out. We are going kinda crazy making lots of these right here at our design studio and retail store. Made of awesome italian leather…along with recycled leather for the base structure and thin laser cut rubber for the cashStrap on the back…on the market now for two years, we ship all over the world. a 3 card, 5 or about 10 card… the zerOz line keeps growing: lots of new leathers, colors and designs. stop by our facebook for lots of other opinions…of course we love zerOz !

  4. I’m still using the Flipside first generation wallet which I think is the gold standard in hard side wallets. The second generation wasn’t NEARLY as well made or held as much as the first generation.

  5. Julie, the Daymaker is slightly bigger than Waterfield’s. There’s lots to like about it. The zipper pocket for coins – yes, coins. The zipper is pretty hefty. And the “stickiness” – I forget what they call it, but it’s a bit tacky and won’t slide around too much. And small pens fit into it really well – the biggest problem I have with the Big Skinny.

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