Go Thin with the Zeroz Wallet

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zeroz walletLately I have been obsessed with finding cool wallets to show you guys. Today’s contribution is the Zeroz Wallet. Their motto is Less Wallet, More Cool. Basically, the Zeroz is a card holder with a stretchy cash strap secured to one side. They are available in 4 different thickness to accommodate more or less cards. I can’t really tell from the website how you retrieve the cards from the wallet though. I guess you just poke your finger in one side to push them out. The Zeroz wallets are available in several colors and designs and are priced from $26-$30. If there’s anyone out there that happens to own one, please let us know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Go Thin with the Zeroz Wallet”

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  2. Julie, I tried to order one of these, however, it wont take an order for some reason. You check add to cart and it does nothing????? Any ideas?

    1. @Rick argh, just tried to check it myself, but I’m on my iPad and it’s a flash site… I don’t run into that problem often, but when I do, I’d like to smack Mr. Jobs. I’ll check later when I’m in front of a real computer.

    1. @Rick I was able to put a Small Zeroz Pulse in red in my cart and it shows I will be spending $26. Were you able to get that far? I’m using Firefox on my Macbook Air. I didn’t complete the order because I really don’t want to buy one, but it looks like it will work…

  3. ok guys…..this weekend you guys all slammed into our website and made for a great fun monday. getting orders from everywhere. Im paul, from zerOz. We have been creating this cool alt wallet for about 5 years…and last summer 2010, we launched. It’s been a nice crazy ride and getting nuttier by the day… because of sites like Gadgeteer. yes..just push the cards through one side of the zerOz to the other. There is also a pocket tab to pull out that one card you use over and over….and yes, the cashStrap on the back..in the photo here….holds cash, hotel room keys extra cards receipts etc. zerOz ups your cool factor and practical-factor in a totally sweet new style. yes, we’re updating our flash site, more awesome leathers coming for the holidays……thanks for tons of hits and spreading the word. paul…founder and factory guy…yes, we make them all by hand in the US. 🙂

  4. Julie

    I tried to buy the wallet through the site. but I tried several credit cards and all gives me the same error;
    “Payment declined. Please verify your information or change your payment method by selecting a new payment method below.”
    Although I tried the card somewhere else and it is working.

  5. hey…..sorry about that. we’re getting orders constantly so not sure why that would happen for you. are you trying to order from eastern Europe or hong Kong? sometimes our international orders see a couple hiccups. you can directly contact us at [email protected]. sincerely… p a u l

  6. hey julie… thanks for your mention. we are seeing a lot of traffic…people must like you. 🙂 we will be updating our site before the holidays…in the meantime any hiccups, you can send your fans to us at [email protected] thanks soooo much. p a u l

  7. Hey Paul

    Actually I am trying to order from Middle East. Will it works or I have to wait till I return back. I will email you to have more update.

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