Susie’s Law First Responders App for iOS and Android

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Until December, 2010, animal abuse in North Carolina only got you a slap on the wrist and no jail time.  In 2009, a weeks-old puppy was found in a local park after being horribly brutalized.  She managed to pull through thanks to care given by local vets and paid for by donations.  The male (I cannot call him a man) who brutalized her was arrested but got a minimal punishment, and this served as a rallying cry for a group of people in the state determined to improve the conditions for animals in North Carolina.  Thanks to their efforts, Susie’s Law was enacted into law on Dec. 1, 2010, making abuse and killing of animals a Class H felony.  Now supporters of the Susie’s Law Movement have joined with Smart Online, Inc to create the Susie’s Law First Responders app for iOS and Android devices.  This app is designed to help North Carolinians stay informed and serves as a quick way to connect with local and state representatives regarding other animal legislation. The Susie’s Law First Responders app is free in the iTunes app store.  I don’t have an Android device to check, but I assume it’s also free for Android devices.  (By the way, that’s Susie in the picture.  It’s been closely cropped so you can’t see the disfigurement she’ll live with for the rest of her life.)


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