A charge dock worthy of your iPhone’s elegance

The iPhone.  Part sophisticated gadget, part work of industrial design art.  Yet we charge it by plugging in a cable and letting it sit on a desk.  Calypso Crystal thinks we can do better.  Their CrystalDocks are cast from lead crystal glass and hand-finished to visual and tactile perfection.  They allow full charge/sync via your iPhone/iPod touch cable.  Beau, Celestia and Dune models are $199 each, with the Aurora available for $349 for a limited time.  Expensive?  Oh, yeah.  I must confess that when I first stumbled upon these, I thought they were ridiculously priced for a simple iPhone dock, but reading through their production process intrigued me and now, even though they’re not really my style, I sort of can’t take my eyes off them.  Come on, admit it—you want one.

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