Quiver Pen Holder Adapters for Soft Cover Moleskine Notebooks Review

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Soft cover Moleskine notebook fans that may have read my review of Quiver’s Pen Holders might have felt a bit neglected since these cool leather pen holders weren’t designed to work with non-hard cover notebooks. Quiver Global felt your pain and have recently started offering special adapters that enable their one and two pen holders to work with large and soft cover Moleskines. They sent me a couple to try and here’s what I think of them…

If you’re not familiar with Quiver Pen Holders, they are leather sleeves that slip over the covers of Moleskine and other similarly sized notebooks. With these holders, you can easily carry your favorite pen or pens along with your notebook.

They don’t work with soft cover notebooks because the holders use an elastic band to keep them seated on the covers. By itself, the band is too tight for soft covers and will bend or damage the edges. These new adapters are a solution to that problem.

The adapters come in 3 different sizes. One for the large one & two-pen quivers compatible with 8.25in tall notebooks, and one each for the small one pen & two pen-quivers which are compatible with 5.5in tall notebooks.

The adapters are made of thin plastic and paper laminate and are flexible but rigid.

To use them, you just slide the adapter between the pen holder and elastic band like you see above.

Here’s a view of the the small one-pen holder with an adapter in place. The adapter keeps the elastic stretched to the correct length for the height of the cover.

Then with a little effort, you put the holder on the notebook as you normally would. I say a “little effort” because you still have to be careful as you slide the holder on the soft covers. You need to make sure that the adapter doesn’t slide out of place or it might bend the cover.

Here we see the small one-pen holder with adapter on a small soft cover Moleskine.

Here’s a side view. I know what you’re thinking and agree that it doesn’t look very attractive the way the cover is bulging. Although you can use a one-pen quiver with a small soft cover notebook, I personally wouldn’t due to the way it looks and feels. It’s just too bulky.

The two-pen holders work much better with the small and large soft covered notebooks. In the image above, we see the large sized Moleskine.

I did find that the Quiver flexed the soft cover slightly, but I think with some stretching of the elastic band, that this would go away easily.

Side view with the two-pen holder on a large Moleskine. Minimal bulging.

Here we see the two-pen holder on a large Moleskine.

In my opinion, the pen holders from Quiver are best used with hard covered notebooks as they were originally designed, but these adapters do make it possible to use them with soft covered notebooks too. If you already own a Quiver pen holder and a few soft covered notebooks, spending an extra $2.50 for an adapter will allow you to extend the use of the product.


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  • Easy to use
  • Small one-pen holder too bulky for small Moleskine

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  2. I have followed your site for years and love your reviews.

    An interesting way to keep your pen with your Moleskine. I would probably stick to the hard cover only version.

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