Assero Industries Introduce Unique, Front-Facing iPad Bags

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The founder of Assero Industries found a major drawback to the iPad was that he couldn’t use it unless he was sitting.  He wanted a case that would work well for the commuter, traveler, and sports enthusiast like himself.  He wanted a case that would serve as a mobile office to keep his iPad, wallet, phone, and other necessities close at hand and that would also serve as a desk when he needed it, so he designed the Protector and Defender cases.  Both cases have a grab handle for easy hand-carrying; both can be slung over the shoulder for hands-free carrying.  The revolutionary thing about these cases is that they can be worn front-facing.   The iPad is stored in in neoprene pouch on the front; open this pouch and it becomes a desk so you can safely use your iPad anywhere.  The Defender is loaded with pouches and pockets to carry everything you need for your day – wallet, phone, cards, pens – even an iPod pocket with headphone cord access.  The Protector is more streamlined and allows for minimal accessories – so thin you can even wear it under your clothes.  The Assero Defender and Protector cases will launch later this month at MacWorld, but you can pre-order them now for a planned February 1, 2011 delivery.  The Defender is $129.99 and the Protector is $89.99.  See more photos and learn much more about these unique new cases at the Assero Industries website.

14 thoughts on “Assero Industries Introduce Unique, Front-Facing iPad Bags”

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  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a baby carrier for your iPad! So snuggli and comfy and rear facing.

    I could see using this for work in a warehouse or whatever where the job demanded it. But at the airport? No. *Maybe* under a jacket but probably not.

  3. Ah yes…the Defender…of your virginity I reckon. This shouts dork so loud that a big social vacuum will automatically form around you.

    1. I just received this from the people that make it:

      “Thanks so much Julie. Just to clarify, this is a backpack or hand-carrying ipad case…but has the ability to wear it forward facing allowing you to use the ipad easily. You only wear it forward facing when you are standing somewhere and using it. Just walking around and carrying it … it is used as a back pack or the hand-carrying handle at the top.

      I noticed your comment about it being dorky-looking so just wanted to make sure you realized that it isn’t meant to always be worn forward-facing.”

  4. Wow! Finally something that’ll allow me to use two hands with my iPad! Definitely not a fashion statement worn on the front, but a backpack/frontpack/messenger bag/carrying case. Show me any other bag that does that.

  5. You know, I’m all for folks thinking outside the box and trying to be innovative. This, however, has got to be undoubtedly one of the most ridiculous looking products I’ve ever seen. I’m sure there are a few people out there that will see this and think, “Finally. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” I’m definitely not one of those people…

  6. @Julie : So what those good folks at Assero are actually saying is “It only looks dorky when you are actually using it”. Sounds like a winner… not !

  7. considering that i can’t find anything else out there that does what this bag apparently does, it’s not that bad. being able to use two hands with any tablet is definitely needed. who cares what it looks like. i see a good use for this when i go skiing or hiking (w/o a tablet). i can carry all my stuff in one spot and have immediate access. if i don’t want to wear it on the front, i can wear it on the back or over a shoulder. does anyone else see what i see?

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