Keyboard with Smartphone Stand and USB Hub

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If your desk is crowded or a little messy like mine, you may have problems finding a place to lay your phone so it’s easy to find when you need it.  This keyboard from Convenient Gadgets & Gifts has a non-slip silicone pad built-in that’s just big enough to hold your smartphone – where it will be easy to monitor incoming calls, texts, and emails.  There are even two USB 2.0 ports in the back of the keyboard, so you can plug in a mouse or your phone.  The keys are rubber domes that offer “enough resistance  to hold the weight of your hands and reduce long-term fatigue.”  And for you Mac users, ” this keyboard has hard to remember symbols right on the keys. All you have to do is hold down Option for the bottom-right characters, or Shift-Option for the top-right characters.”  The Keyboard with Smartphone Stand and USB Hub is $49.95.

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