ION Audio’s TWIN VIDEO Camera Records Me Recording You

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ion twinvideoION Audio’s TWIN VIDEO is the first handheld video recorder that I’ve seen with both front and back lenses. It’s great for bloggers because you can record yourself at the same time that you are recording something else. It would be perfect for interviews. It’s not HD, but it does record 640 x 480, 30 fps video onto a standard SD card. It has a tripod mount and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It’s priced at $119.99 and is shipping now. Full press release after the jump.


Twin Video is Perfect For Interviews, Video with Commentary and Vlogging

Cumberland, R.I. (Nov. 30, 2010) ION (, a leader in consumer audio and entertainment technology, is now shipping TWIN VIDEO, a pocket-sized video recorder allowing real-time toggling between front and back lenses.

Featuring both front and rear-facing lenses, TWIN VIDEO is an innovative new take on the handheld video camera allowing anyone to capture themselves and what they are seeing with a single device. This easy-to-use camera makes vlogging (video blogging) easy thanks to a few live editing features. While recording, TWIN VIDEO enables users to swap which picture is being recorded with the touch of a button.

While TWIN VIDEO has powerful, advanced features and capabilities, users will find that it fits easily into their everyday lives thanks to its compact, handheld size. This web-friendly video device is designed to meet the needs of today’s highly social web. TWIN VIDEO creates videos that are perfect for sharing on social media websites and YouTube.

TWIN VIDEO records onto a standard SD or SDHC card so users will find it to be compatible with a wide range of cards and readers including those built into many of the latest Mac and PC computers.

An included handle makes holding TWIN VIDEO more comfortable, while also providing a more stable video recording. Users can operate the TWIN VIDEO up to four hours on a single charge of its internal, removable and rechargeable battery. It connects via USB to virtually any Mac or PC for easy video transfer and charging.

“It’s one thing to capture the family gathering, but it is an entirely different experience when you find yourself in the video too.  Whether you want to share your experience riding a roller coaster, interviewing a subject or producing scripted videos, TWIN VIDEO changes the video-capture game,” said Gregg Stein, Managing Director, ION. “Until now, you needed two cameras and expensive editing software to create a video from multiple angles. Now a first-time TWIN VIDEO user can capture the subject in front of them, then switch to their viewpoint, live on-the-fly.”

TWIN VIDEO is available now from for $119.99 US.

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4 thoughts on “ION Audio’s TWIN VIDEO Camera Records Me Recording You”

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  2. They missed an ideal opportunity by not having one lens swivel. Imagine being able to set both lenses facing forward and turn it into a 3D camera like the Fujitsu W1/W3!

  3. I don’t really mind that it isn’t HD, but one big fail…

    You can only record one cam at a time and have to manually switch between them.

    Get both to record simultaneously and you have a winner.

  4. Well I just looked at this too, and I was jumping up and down thinking this was the killer tool for me to review and interview my clients. It sounded like it would record Front & Back at the same time, and superimpose the back frame into the front frame like (PIP) Picture In Picture. Sad as I am to find out this is not the case at all. If it did that (PIP) on the fly, then they would have a Killer Product. You can get the same thing for $30 less that’s HD, and just rotate the lens over.

    This is not a product I would buy, and I buy everything!


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