Official Moleskine Covers Announced for iPhone and iPad

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We’ve seen various covers for iPad that were knock-offs of the iconic Moleskine notebook, and we’ve seen DIY instructions to make your own Moleskine-style cover for iPad – but now we can have a real, official Moleskine cover for our iPads and iPhone 3G and 3GS!  Moleskine has announced they are adding two new hybrid tools to their Folio Digital collection – introduced a few months ago with a Kindle cover.  Both the Folio iPhone Cover and the Folio iPad Cover will have the classic black exterior, rounded corners, and the black elastic band closure.  Inside, the covers are lined with suede to protect the device.  There’s also room inside the cover to hold a Volant softcover Moleskine; a Volant with plain pages will be included with the covers.  The Smartphone Cover was designed with the expectations that you’ll use Bluetooth or headphones with your phone.  These covers aren’t released yet, but you’ll be able to sign up at Amazon to be notified when they are released in mid-November.  Use the above two links to sign up.  There’s no price available yet for either cover.

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