AirportAce HD App for iPad

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If you travel a lot to the same location, you probably eventually learn your way around the airport.  If you don’t travel as frequetly or you’re always going to different places, you may wish Google Maps worked within airport terminals when you find yourself arriving at gate A1 and leaving from gate Z42 – and you have a 10 minute layover.  AirportAce HD lets you carry terminal maps for several airports along with you in your iPad;  you don’t need internet access to use the information.  In addition to the terminal maps, you can check airport parking and transportation options, and see a list of where restaurants, shopping, and other amenities are located.  You can even learn if WiFi is available at the airport and its cost.  There’s information for about 50 airports world-wide now, but the developer promises updates with new airports monthly – free for life.  You can request an airport, too.  The HD version is designed to make use of the iPad’s bigger screen and costs $4.99, but there’s a version for iPhone/iPod touch for $3.99.  There is also a free Lite version (with only seven airports) to let you try out the interface and information before plunking down your money for the full version.

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