Guarding Against the Unthinkable

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Every gadget lover is afraid of at least one thing: the sudden permanent loss of a currently-used piece of technology. Whether it’s theft, liquid damage, or physical damage, any iPhone user who has carried their Precious into the Genius Bar has found out the ugly truth: these things are not covered by AppleCare. AT&T offers no insurance for the iPhone, as they do for other handsets. So, what’s an iPhoner to do? Well, there’s not an app for that, but there is an insurer: Worth Ave Group offers plans starting at $55 with a $50 deductible.

Is it worth the cost?

Well, for a lost iPhone, definitely. Apple and AT&T provide no recourse for a missing device. Apple’s $80 AppleCare policy doesn’t cover liquid or physical damage, but it does allow you to purchase a replacement device during the second year of phone ownership at a fixed cost. The included one-year coverage does the same for free. For most of these subsidized devices, however, loss early in the contract is far more expensive than the original purchase – and you are faced with the real possibility of not having a phone at all if you don’t pony up!

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  2. I looked at their prices, and they’re fantastic for Macbooks, and Macbook Pro’s!!! I was just given a Bill from hell from my laptop insurance provider who I’ve had coverage from for $5000 since 1995 at the same rate of $69.00 a year for 15 Years. i never had one Complaint, Problem, Claim, Nothing had ever happened in all my Travels all over the world. i would update a new Apple Powerbook every 3 to 4 years, and the coverage would just continue as it always did at the $69.00 a year due on April 14 for Renewal. SAFEWARE went and sent me a MegaBILL now for a 1 Year Renewal for $638.00 A YEAR!!! I called them, and they told me “Rates had gone up a little bit this year due to a high volume of claims they were having.” That’s NOT a small Increase of a few percent, its an INCREASE OF 922%… Then I find out they will NO LONGER Insure any item over 3 Years of Age, so when the AppleCare Runs Out if you bought it for the added 2 years to make it 3 Years, You’re S.O.L. BUDDY!!!

    I’M SO HAPPY YOU POSTED THIS COMPANY FOR COVERAGE. I looked into the Worth Ave Group, and they have an excellent record. Plus they insure for up to $4000.00 and for less then the $69.00 i was paying for before.


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