My 27″ iMac arrives 3 days early – Lucky Friday the 13th

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imac27-3I stayed home from work today because I was feeling blah and while I was chatting with Dave, I happened to look over at the wireless LCD of the Brickhouse Security Wi-Spi EX30 and noticed that a FedEx truck had pulled into my driveway. Since I still had on my PJs, I wasn’t planning to answer the door, but when I saw him walking up with no packages in his hand, I ran up the stairs and opened the door. I’m usually not home during the day, so I startled him as he was about to put a tag on my door. He went back to the truck to get my package and I was very surprised that it was my new iMac that wasn’t due to arrive until next week.

Needless to say, I instantly felt a little better! 🙂


Here’s a family portrait. Two 24″ iMacs with the new 27″ between them. The difference between my 24″ and the new computer is very clear to my eyes. The 27″ display is so much crisper and the Blacks so much darker. The screen itself isn’t much taller, but quite a bit wider. So wide that I have to move my head from side to side to see everything.


The included wireless keyboard with the chicklet keys is going to take some adjustment. But I like that it doesn’t use a USB port. The same goes for the new magic mouse. I was sure I’d hate it because I couldn’t stand the mighty mouse. I’m happy to say that the magic mouse is pretty nice. I’m not sure yet if it will replace my old fave the Logitech MX Revolution though… we’ll just have to see.


So the keyboard and mouse are going to save me 2 USB ports and I’m going to save a 3rd because there’s an SD card reader built into the Right side of the display. Since I just recently upgraded my camera from an older Nikon Coolpix to the new Canon G11, this is going to be really  handy. I think I’ll go ahead retire the Griffin Simplifi USB Dock.

A few things I’ve noticed already about this new computer when compared to my old one is that it runs a lot quieter. iMacs are already pretty quiet, but this one is probably half as loud. Yay!

It’s also FAST! I guess it should be consider it’s a quad-core i7, but wow. I’m impressed even with webpage loading speed through WiFi. I wouldn’t think that would be any faster between the two computers, but it is. Or maybe I’m just on a new toy high and I can see no wrong.

Who says that Friday the 13th’s are bad luck? Not me 🙂 Ok, I have to get back to loading software…. see ya!

30 thoughts on “My 27″ iMac arrives 3 days early – Lucky Friday the 13th”

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  2. Congrats on your new iMac! I just bought my wife the 27″ dual core iMac. This thing is nothing less than stunning. I can’t hear it at all, but I admit I have a little tinnitus. It was awesome to hold a full-screen video chat with our daughter – nearly life-size image. Sound is awesome for built-in speakers. I like the Magic Mouse alright. Can’t use their tiny keyboard, though. Have to stick with the ergonomic PC keyboard. Cheers and get well!

  3. Yeah, the new aluminium iMacs are far more appealing… the keyboards are a pleasure and the Magic Mouse is far, far superior to the Mighty Mouse, which drives me mad whenever I use it in College.

    I might not like the OS much, but damn, Apple make some fine machines…

  4. LOVE my i7. After I migrated 140 GB over from my 2.4GHz c2d imac 24 with firewire 800, I ran a speed test by using Visualhub to compress a movie. i7: 10 minutes, c2d:27 minutes…that is some speed increase!! I am so glad I waited…

  5. Why does Apple keep making great things that I can’t justify buying each time a new or updated item comes along? I want one now! Oh well . . . I’ll just have to wait.

  6. Congrats Julie! It looks so sweet. I actually asked for the trade value on my 24″ iMac. Thinking of getting the new one, but I probably will wait (for now) New toys gotta love them.

  7. My 27″ iMac arrived on Friday as well. The glass on the very lower left hand corner of the screen was chipped/cracked! Way to go Apple QC! After waiting on hold with 4 different people, I was able to arrange for a replacement, but I have to wait until December.

  8. Hey Julie!
    Congrats on the new baby :)!
    We’re also waiting for our 27″ iMac to arrive.
    Hav e you noticed any processor / flash playback issues?

  9. Sigh. It showed up yesterday, but the screen doesn’t work. You can hear it trying to run the set up program, but the screen just brightens a little, but no display. Apple support “had never heard of this problem”, so I have to carry it to the Apple Store today. Since it was custom order with more RAM and a larger Hard Drive, I’m guessing I’ll have to wait for another… Bummer.

  10. Carried it to the Apple Store last night (it weighs 41 pounds!) and they said, yep, it is broke, but since you ordered it via phone, directly from Apple, we can’t help. Carried it back home, spent an hour on the phone with Apple, who finally agreed that it was DOA, and said they would send me RMA (return merchandise authorization) within 24 hours. Still haven’t gotten it. I did however, guilt them out of a free iWorks package. I’m a hard core Mac fan, but this is frustrating…

  11. Took almost 5 days and several phone calls, but I finally got an RMA number and the broken computer has been shipped. Still waiting to see when I will get a replacement, and it might not be until the 1st of December…

    Julie, how are you liking your new toy?

  12. Yeah, those iMACs are pretty sweet.

    With three of them going, you won’t need any heater for that room. Those babies are like ovens, aren’t they?

    I had one for about a year and it died. Took it to the Apple store and it was going to cost almost as much as I paid for it to repair.

    So I brought it back home and completely dismantled it and threw the pile of parts in the garbage. It’s built just like a laptop on the inside and has a temp sensor on just about every component.

    Swore off the iMACs after that but still LOVE my MacBook PRO 13″ aluminum and will buy the 13″ MacBook Air when I get a extra $1k lying around again.

    Don’t go look at it, you will probably buy it on the spot! I don’t know how Apple keeps making the screens better and better.

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