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Think you would make a better Sarah Connor?  Or maybe you see yourself as a natural addition to Mad Men or Sesame Street?  With the Yoostar system, it’s possible to insert yourself as a character from one of your favorite movies and then share your scene-chewing with others.    Think of it as Rock Band for the movie-loving crowd.  The  system includes a web cam, portable green screen, remote, and 14 preloaded movie scenes.  Additional scenes cost between $1.99-$2.99 and the selection of available movies/TV shows is varied with a little something for everyone in the family (Rocky, Psycho, Saw 4, Wizard of Oz. Blade Runner, etc)  Most of the movies include several scenes to choose from, but for some reason Ferris Bueller is lacking any scene with Ferris Bueller (c’mon– not even Danke Schoen!?)!  The Yoostar website contains an area for users to upload their masterpieces, and the compositing does seem pretty decent (compared to web cam projection games, ie playstation, xbox) with just a little bit of visible corruption around the edges.  The software also includes widgets for posting scenes on Facebook/Myspace.  Yoostar has a $169.95 retail price through the manufacturer and is currently PC compatible only, but a Mac version is scheduled for the end of the year.

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  2. WOW!!! I had been waiting for this thing to come out since May, and very upset that a Mac version sounds to have taken a back burner when I contacted them.

    I got to say though, now that I’m seeing the Posts of people who have this and their posting of videos on the site, I am soooo glad I waited. What a P.O.S. System! the offered clips a very limited, but they make is sound like there is so much available for the system, when in fact certain license issues prevent the developer from getting much approved by the movie producers for certain clips to be used in this package. Plus the posts that have gone up by users that have the system are just so bad, really bad. There’s one guy in the scene from the “Marathon Man – Swallow the diamonds” where you can see the green screen leak all around him, plus you need to hold a mirror under his nose to see if he is breathing.

    Ya know what will kill this product dead, when someone doesn’t do the original lines from the clip deciding to kick it up a notch! The “Blues Brothers – Sun Glasses” clip gives you the stand in of Elwood. When someone changes the clip to say something like this – “Hey Jake, we got a car full of drugs and needles, and the hookers are in the trunk, you ready to hit a pile of Coke?!?!” and in the scene Jake replies “Hit It!”. You watch how fast this systems dies off when the family sues the poster of the video. Or better yet, you mess with the Muppets Clips and you can just ring up…KaChing a fat lawsuit then. I like the one posted with Grover doing the ABC’s with a little girl’s floating head and no body in the clip, very poor green screen subtraction in most of the online customer posts on their site, and on YouTube now too. The end all to this is a carefully placed accusation in a clip, and Kaboom the product is dead.

    Save your money, this is going to be a very short lived product.


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