HydraCoach Interactive Water Bottle

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hydracoach-1Do you have any idea how much water you should drink in a day to be healthy?  Do you have any idea how much water you actually consume during the day?  Drinking proper amounts of water daily is important to keep your body working properly, but I know I never get in much water.

The HydraCoach interactive water bottle from Sportline can help you meet your water needs.  It’s a typical looking water bottle – except for the little computer module on the front.  During setup, you enter your current weight and the HydraCoach tells you how much water you need daily.  You can adjust the suggested amount up or down for your personal needs and activity levels.  As you drink during the day, the HydraCoach tracks how much you’ve drunk and displays information about that amount, how much more you need for the day, and how many more hours out of the day you have left to accomplish your goal.

The HydraCoach costs $29.99 and comes in blue, orange, and smoke.  The bottle itself is dishwasher-safe after you remove the computer.  The lid assembly is hand-washable.  Maybe a little gadgetry would make the water go down easier!

3 thoughts on “HydraCoach Interactive Water Bottle”

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  2. Cute idea but its not entirely accurate. You get water on a daily basis from the food you eat and the fluids you consume so basing water intake by weight alone will never work.
    The best way to tell if you have had enough water intake is to check the color of your urine. If its clear then you are hydrated correctly…and if its yellow then you are dehyrated.

  3. I have this bottle for about a year now.. its no good and even if it was its cheap made and the plastic cover to the battery cover a and batter falls out first day. Fortunate for store I lost the recept couldnt take it back. I tried to use it for a week it was useless. Just drink 8 -12 glasses of water a day and dont waste your money

  4. Yeah… I may just agree with Mark on this one. It’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong, but as a runner I rely more on checking the colour of my urine before I start excercise…. as long as it’s a pale (straw) colour then I’m fine to go out for a run. If not, I need more water. And, as Mark points out, you get water from fruit/veg/food/drinks during the day anyway. However, for people who simply don’t eat/drink enough during the day and simply want to see how much water they’ve consumed from the HydraCoach, then I guess it would work well enough.


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