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hpshopIt was Christmas in August last week when HP sent me a gift card to try out the HP Official Store. I spent a couple hours looking at their laptops, LCD monitors and printers, but ended up choosing the HP Photosmart A826 Home Photo Center because I wanted to see how it would compare to the Epson PictureMate Dash that I had reviewed a couple years ago.

The Photosmart is a very cool little standalone printer that has a multi-card reader and a touch screen that can be used to customize your images before printing them. Look for a full review will be posted soon. I plan to use the rest of the gift card funds to purchase an HP Mini 110 Mi Edition Netbook to give away.

Would you like an HP gift card of your own? You’re in luck because HP wants to share the love with The Gadgeteer by generously offering a $250 gift card that one of you can win! It’s super easy…

To enter the contest to win a $250 HP gift card, go browse through the laptop section of HP’s site and then come back here and leave a comment to this post letting us know which HP laptop is your favorite. That’s all there is to it. I told you it was easy 🙂

The contest is open now and will end at 11:59 p.m. EST on September 14, 2009. A winner will be chosen and announced at some point during the week of September 14th. Check out the official rules.

While you’re shopping HP’s site, you might be interested in the following special savings deals that they have going on right now (act fast though, these coupon codes expire on 8/29):

1.) Save up to $350 instantly on customized HP Pavilion Notebook PCs configured at $899 or greater with $100 coupon code NBS32981 + Instant Rebate ($100 – $250 depending on model). Click here to go to HPShopping.
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2.) Save up to $450 instantly on customized HP Pavilion Notebook PCs configured at $1099 or greater with $200 coupon code NBS32924 + Instant Rebate ($100 – $250 depending on model). Click here to go to HPShopping.
* Offer excludes HP Minis and tx2z. Offer limited to the first 2700 coupons redeemed. 1 redemption per person or address. Not valid with other promotions, Friends & Family, or HP Academy Restrictions apply. Combinable with instant rebates. For complete conditions, see “Coupon Information” in the “Customer Service” section at


Update 9/15 – The winner picked by SocialSpark is Nick for his comment submitted on 2009/08/26 at 11:31am. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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  2. Well I am in the hunt for a netbook and I like the Mini’s the best of the HP choices. Oddly, navigating around the Mini page was particularly intuitive.

    Also, they proclaim a Free upgrade to a 160G hard drive yet when I chose that option it added $15 to the cost. I guess that’s what happens in a tough economy, Free=$15 now. 🙂

  3. Anthony S Colletti

    My favorite laptop hands-down must be the HP Mini 110. Portability is key to me and this thing offers that w/ acceptable performance for daily tasks. HP hit a home run w/ this line

  4. The Touchsmart tx2z, if only because it’s the only decently specced tablet on the market, and for a student tablets really are the way to go.

  5. HP Mini 110. I’m actually looking for a laptop/netbook right now since my old one is dying as we speak, and I will probably be buying one of those. I love the portability those little guys have!

  6. The TouchSmart tx2z series caught my eye. Gotta love multitouch. It’s wave of the future (unlike, say, voice recognition, which hurts my throat).

  7. As I JUST got it from work, my favorite is the HP EliteBook 8530w. It has an amazing screen (15.4″ widescreen with very high resolution), great processor, fast 7200RPM drive and is thin and VERY strong. There’s no tweak at all in the screen when you try and twist it, and the cover is apparently immune to scratches from even steel wool (I will NOT be testing this out). 🙂

    It’s not cheap, and since it’s a “business class” machine it doesn’t seem to show up under the link in the article.

    (Again, disclaimer that I do work at Verizon Wireless.) The Verizon Wireless HP Mini 1151NR netbook is a REALLY cool netbook. I’m VERY tempted to buy it, but since I really (really) don’t need it, I’m holding off for now… 🙂

  8. as an art student i usually feel at quite the disadvantage with my classmates whenever they can swing out their macbook pro’s to do their projects; i have access to the CS4 suite at the school lab, but my old 2002 ibook just doesn’t have the power to help me when the lab is locked up for the night and a project is looming. and being only on government grants and lopsided student loans pretty much means it’ll stay that way for a good while 😀 hahaha

    the HP HDX 18t would be a dream machine that’d last me till graduation.

  9. Getting a new desktop or laptop has actually been on my mind lately – I’m about to move out to my own place, and the desktop (and only Windows machine in the house) belongs to my roommate – I love my little iBook and my even littler hackintosh Dell Mini, but sometimes a huge screen is nice, and occasionally I find myself needing a Windows machine for one reason or another. The HP HDX Premium series looks pretty sweet, and since portability isn’t an issue (I already have two very portable laptops), I’m going to go whole-hog and say the HP HDX 18t Premium series wins my vote right now.

  10. I like the HP Pavilion dv2z series. The 12.1″ screen is still small enough to be pretty portable.

  11. Gotta go with the HP HDX 18t Premium series. I don’t mind lugging around a big machine and have something really usable when needed. The huge h/d and generous memory make it a keeper.

  12. I’m looking at the HDX18t. A two-hard drive configuration is a must. The 18″ display isn’t bad either…and the integrated (optional) HDTV tuner is interesting.

  13. Its gotta be the HDX 16t. The HDX duo both have the specs for some games, photo editing and some general media, but there is no way I could get that 18inch screen out on the plane with any reasonable distance between myself and the cattle class front of the tray table.
    The HDX series is the way to go, but from a practicality standpoint, the 16t is the clear winner.

  14. If I have to pick just one it would be the HP Pavilion dv3t series it would be a best fit for me at this time. In a year or two that might change as I look to replace an older desktop.

  15. I love the HP Mini 2140 we got a couple months back. It’s sturdy and works well as we use it for ultra-portable computing.

  16. Cranky Media Guy

    HP Mini 110 is my choice. My wife and I are in the market for a netbook and this one has the features I want. I guess I have to break open the piggy bank and buy one.

  17. The DV3T seems to be a great deal. Fast,light and when customized a great machine. When I customized it to be a top notebook for a long time, it was still under $1100.00
    When I bought my current laptop that was also customized, the price with less features and performance(compared to 2005 standards) was almost $1700.00
    Can’t wait to get it!

  18. For the Best deal on the market for my needs i’d choose the dv7. It looks cool, acts cool and by golly is very COOL !!

  19. My choice would be the HDX 18t. I like the big screen, even if it might be a little heavier. I also think the Blue-ray ROM Drive is a big plus.

  20. I like the HP Pavilion HDX18t best. I need to replace my desktop and really need the upgrades this one would give me.

  21. I like the HP Mini 110 Mi Edition. Looks like one of the better netbooks around. Pretty sweet.

  22. The 10.1 netbooks are just too small for me + I need higher screen resolutions to be comfortable computing. I really would like a 12.1 or a 13.3… clicking around, I’d probably buy the 12.1 Pavilion dv2z… although I have a HP EliteBook 2530p at work (also a 12.1 screen), and might consider that (because I know it doesn’t get super hot + has great battery life… I’d be sure to read up plenty of reviews on the dv2z before I made my decision)

    so yeah – that was a really long way to say “Pavilion dv2z”

  23. Gotta be the Touchsmart tx2z. travel quite a bit and always wanted a tablet PC. Read a good bit and figure that magazines would be much easier to read on a tablet. Not to mention decent gaming specs. Yup, thats what I want. Dave

  24. There are several HP Laptops i like but my most favourite is the , HP HDX 18t Premium series. It has everything i will look for in a notebook computer.Thanks for the opportunity Julie.

  25. I would select the HP HDX 18t Premium series.
    I like a desktop replacement laptop. Can be moved around since most households now have wireless.
    Not useful for travel since it would be too big and heavy. A netbook would suffice for travel.

  26. HDX 18t, with the dual 500gb, 8gb mem and the hot graphics card….oooooooo…..drool,,drool….wish I could afford almost $3000.

  27. Well i like Compaq Presario CQ60Z series, which is rather in my budget, so i will try to buy this laptop for me in this week

  28. I’m a big believer in getting the tools you need to do the job right – no more, no less. While I would go for a desktop at home, I would go for the HP Mini XP 110 on the road. It does internet and word stuff and is under 3 lbs! The price seems right too. Cool beans!

  29. My favorite would be the HP Pavilion dv3t series. That’s because I like laptops that actually have decent battery life. Plus, I like laptops at 13″ size. Currently, I have an Acer at 14″ and that seems to big for me. I would love to get that new 13′ Macbook pro, but I don’t have the funds for that. I was eying the new timeline series laptop from Acer; however, I don’t think a 1.3 processer can handle the load I would put on it. The HP Pavilion dv3t series can go up to a 2.53 core 2 duo processor. That is sweet! I would definitely buy this laptop if I had the cash.

  30. the only space in my computer inventory is for a Mini. The netbook niche hasn’t quite hit the performance level I’d like but the size mixed with the obvious design points would be welcome.

  31. yes, have to say the mini mi is the best. I would take on in a heartbeat, especially if it only cost 10$ more than this great GIFT CARD!!! common winner winner winner

  32. I also like the HP Pavilion dv3t. It would be perfect for those long, boring waits in the airport when my flight is inevitably delayed.

  33. As I already own a 13″ HP notebook, I vote for the Mini 110XP Edition. A netbook, equipped with a USB to serial port converter cable, would make a fine, small footprint server from which to transmit wx data from my personal weather station to my website, as well as to weather-related sites, notable The low power required by the Mini 110 helps because this “weather server” would need to remain on constantly. As a matter of fact, I can think of several Amateur-Radio-centric uses for a netbook like the Mini 110 – transceiver and scanner control, APRS, etc.

  34. No doubt about it, the HP Mini 110 XP ed is what I need for class. What a great way to take notes, annotate the web available PowerPoint slides in class and use the built-in Wi-Fi to check email when the lecture gets dull. The free upgrade to 160 GB is perfect for additional capacity.

  35. HP Mini 110 Mi Edition series

    Portability is everything for me — I have a desktop for high powered stuff — want something small and light for the road.

  36. It would have to be the Mini 110 XP. It hits the sweet spot, a balance between features and weight.

  37. I really need a fast processor, so I would love to have the HP HDX 18t Premium series. Thank you so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  38. HP Mini 110 xp edition. I’m actually looking for a laptop/netbook right now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Compaq Presario CQ60Z series

    I chose this one because it’s perfect for using in my genealogy quest of 25+ years. My family tree has 10,000 + people in it…spanning back 13 generations. Yes, generations.
    Thanks for opportunity for win a laptop.

  40. I like the mini notebook 110 XP Edition. Something small and nice for lots of airport sitting.

  41. I have to go HP Pavilion dv7t series with hdtv. It seems reasonable for my needs. Thanks

  42. Well, my favorite is the HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series. I am into graphic design and would love a computer like that! But you know how that goes!

  43. I like the DV3T series…maxed out seems like a ridiculously awesome notebook. But for now I’m 100% content with my MSI Wind U100 + Jolicloud

    The $250 would go towards a nice big 1080p LCD monitor.

  44. HP HDX 18t Premium series… definitely my favorite. What can I say, I really do believe that when it comes to computers/laptops, bigger is better.

  45. I would love the HP Pavilion dv7t series. what a wonderful prize! Would really love to win this $250 to put towards a notebook. Thanks so much.

  46. For Myself I’d choose the TouchSmart tx2z series, I’ve used touch screen laptops in the past and having a mulititouch version would be great, Touch works so much better in stand-up and crowded situations.

  47. The HP TouchSmart tx2z series of notebooks seem interesting. Probably better than the one I have right now (a Fujitsu)…

  48. It’s the HP Pavilion dv2z for me. Not so small I’d strain my eyes to see the words on the screen, but not too big to take with me anywhere I go.

  49. I have a dv6000 series now, but it’s going on 3 years old. I’m also tired of lugging it to work, so I’d love to get a mini! Thanks 🙂

  50. I already have a HP dv6000T and a Dell Mini 10, so my favorite “next” laptop looks to be the HP TouchSmart tx2z series. A 14″ touchscreen laptop would be a good middle ground between the tiny 10″ and the heavy 15″ that I have.

  51. I like the HP TouchSmart tx2z series. The touch screen is so cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. I really like the TouchSmart but since I have to pick my favorite laptop I will go with the HP Mini 110 XP edition series. I have been looking at these and put it on my Christmas wish list already.
    [email protected]

  53. I like the HP HDX 18t Premium series. It is the top of the line for the series and has the most features of all the rest of the laptops. It has a large screen to view presentations and movies, quick processor, Blue ray drive, lots of memory, a fast video card, a free upgrade to Windows 7, and to top it off you can customize it however you would like it. Why wouldn’t anyone want this laptop?

  54. I like the HP Pavilion dv7t series. I know most people are into the netbook or mini’s but I like a large screen.

  55. I dig the Pavilion dv6t series. They seem to strike the right balance. Could someone tell HP, not a big fan of fingerprint scanners. I will avoid them like the plague.

  56. I like the HP TouchSmart tx2z series best because with the touchscreen I can use it with my 2 year old. He loves to play with the computer but it’s hard for him to use the mouse, and this would let me bring the screen right down to him and let him just touch what he wants to see.

  57. My favorite is the HP HDX 18t Premium series. I didn’t know such a perfect laptop existed! It has all the features I could ever want or need.

  58. Michelle Draveski

    I have been wanting a touchsmart for a long time now.
    Would also like to get my kids a mini!

  59. I would definitely have to go with the HP mini 110 mi Edition series because they’re so cute and compact. It’s what I’ve been wanting for a long time.

    Please count me in. I’d use it to pay towards the mini and finally get my hands on one of these babies 🙂

    Thanks again Julie; for all your awesome posts, reviews and giveaways!!!!

  60. I’m currently in the market for a netbook. I’m impressed with the specs and price of the HP MIni 110 XP.

  61. My favorite HP laptop is the HP Pavilion dv2z in white, with an upgrade to 4GB RAM, of course! Thanks for the contest!

  62. I *love* the HP Touchsmart tx2z and the HP Mini 110.

    Oh wow, this would be amazing to win…I could really use a new laptop. I’m starting college for the first time (I’m in my mid-20s, so I’m a lil late! 😉 ) and I also just startd my own small business, so a HP laptop would be such a big help. I have a HP desktop, so it would make an awesome matching set 🙂 Thank you!!!

  63. I would have to say the Touchsmarttx2z. I have been eyeing this up since last month. We are in college (32 & 34) and our computer is 5 years old. I think the kids would get a kick out of the Touchsmart also. Great giveaway thenks…

  64. wow if i had all kinds of money i would buy buy buy, but i dont so i really like the h p mini 110 mi edition series, i like something small and efficient. thanks

  65. I really like the HP Mini 110 XP edition series. This would be great for traveling and around the house. The web cam on it would be perfect for when we do web conferences with my wife’s family in the Philippines. We could easily do a “Toddler Cam” and follow around our 1 year old daughter. 🙂

  66. Wow! If I win I know what I would love to get. Looks and features on the HP Touchsmart tx2z series have everything I do believe I could combine on my wish-list. Thanks for the look-see on my dream machine…. donna

  67. I personal favorite would be the Pavillion dv7t series. Looks sharp!!

    Thanks for the entry Julie!

  68. I like the HP Pavilion dv7t series becuase it has a wide screen. Thank you for the chance to win.

  69. Being a movie buff it would be hard to go past the hp670t. It will certainly be on the wish list come christmas.

  70. I really like the 10.1. The compact size of it would be great so I can always have it with me. I never know when inspiration for a stroy or poem will hit me so having it at my side all the time would really help me out. Trying to scribble an idea on the back of a movie ticket or napkin doesn’t always work so good.

  71. HP Pavilion dv3t series seems perfect for everyday and not only does it have a descent size and weight but it has everything I need all in one package. It’s energy efficient which saves a lot of electricity, meaning you don’t have to recharge everyday. Normally a dvd included laptop would weigh at least 6 pounds or more but this only approximately 4 pounds.There is not a better laptop that I can think of besides this.

  72. I would love any laptop at this point but checking the HP out I think the HP Pavilion dv4t looks like a beautiful choice.

  73. If money were no object, I’d choose the HP HDX 18t Premium series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. My favorite laptop is the HP TouchSmart tx2z primarily because it offers multitouch display capabilities, but I also love its compact size and design!

  75. We just sent our first child off to college with the newer computer….now I’m using a a 10+ year old unreliable desktop. I’d love the “HP HDX 18t Premium series”. Amazing laptop with big screen that I love! Thanks.

  76. That’s a no-brainer for me. I’ve been going out to HP’s website for weeks now, pricing out and configuring the HP dv3z! There aren’t many 13.3″ laptops being offered these days, and I don’t know why! It’s the perfect size option for both portability and functionality and the dv3z is tricked out with enough guts to do it all – even some light gaming.

    Sigh. It’s what a girl geek wants.

  77. Although the HP HDX 18t Premium series has all the bells and whistles and I would still like a netbook, the HP Pavilion dv4 (1145go) laptop that I recently won has to be my favorite

  78. HP HDX 16t Premium series is my favorite! NVIDIA, HP and Intel + free upgrades to 4GB ram!!! \o/

  79. I love the HP Touchsmart Tx2z! I love a good tablet and its perfect size AND has a firgerprint reader plus its one of the few tablets that has a CD/DVD reader & writer, plus Lightscribe! (I use Lightscribe from my slow 5 y/o desktop all the time)

  80. I LOVE the HP Mini 110 XP. I think these mini laptops are brilliant. Their perfect to take along anywhere so you can always be connected. Love it!

  81. HP Pavilion dv2z series is my favorite because of it’s ultra-portability, it’s mid price range value, and it comes in white! 🙂

  82. I’ve had my eye on an Mini 110 XP Edition for some time now, and visiting the HP link here and browsing the various options only confirmed that that’s the one I’d like– a Mini.

  83. I like hp dv4t! What I love about it:

    A dedicated NVDIA 512 video card is more than enough for gaming and HD videos. It is lighter than average laptops.

    The sleek looks — It looks so good. ^___^ I want oneeeeeeee

  84. i like HP HDX 18t Premium series..that my favourite..its all the features i would ever want it.. but also i like HP TouchSmart tx2z series.
    thanxs sameer

  85. My favorite is the Mini 110XP. 1gb memory and a close to full size keyboard are great to have as well.

  86. My favorite HP laptop is the Pavilion dv3t series. I like the unique 13.3″ screen size of this HP laptop. And that you can purchase an optional 9-cell battery with up to 8 hours of life making it a great student or business laptop. With it’s weight under 5 lb (4.93 lb) it is light enough to carry around in a backpack or messenger bag with any problem.

  87. I’d like the Compaq Presario CQ60Z series laptop; while the mini is cute, I need something that can run Microsoft Office. Since I don’t own a laptop, I usually borrow one for a class I teach to run my PowerPoint presentation. It would be nice to finally have a laptop of my own.

  88. HP HDX 18t Premium series. This is everything I ever wanted in a computer (especially) for my son who is in college. Wow!

  89. Mini 110 XP.. most obscure use (especially for this community).. I’d use it primarily to modify settings on my electric R/C brushless motors to optimize performance. Simple size and usb port.. wouldn’t hurt for web browsing between heats either though 😉

  90. I need a new laptop. Mine is definitely on its last legs and if I’m going to dream, might as well dream big, so the HP HDX 16t Premium series is the one I’d want. I don’t play too many games, but would like to have the ability to play some and the HDMI output is th icing on the cake.

  91. I like the HP Pavillion dv6z Artist Edition Series. I also like the HP Pavillion Elite e9180t Series.

  92. I would love to have a HP Mini 110 Mi Edition series. Thank you for the chance to win a gift certificate to help offset cost.

  93. Not a bad deal on the HP G60t series laptop.

    – FREE TRIPLE memory upgrade from 1GB to 4GB ($150 value)
    – FREE upgrade to 250GB hard drive from 160GB ($50 value)

  94. My favorite is the HP Pavilion dv2z (I love how light & thin it is!) with the HP Mini 110 (which is even lighter!) being a close second.

  95. I like the TouchSmart tx2z. Tablets have always appealed to me, I’ve just never found it in the budget to pick one up.

  96. i like the HP HDX 18t Premium series, it’s got some power and i like the fact that it comes with a Blu-ray ROM drive and a free upgrade to Windows 7!

  97. I’ve been wanting the great HP TouchSmart tx2z since it first came out.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  98. What a generous giveaway, I would love to get the Compaq Presario CQ60Z series laptop! Thanks for the chance!

  99. I would have to go with the HDX 16t Premium series. It has most of the features of the 18t, but a smaller form factor.

  100. I love the HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series because it would be perfect for doing my art on when I’m not at home on my desktop PC. Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  101. give me a HP HDX 18t Premium series every time, when you program, you need all the power and screen real estate you can get… the only other choice would be a HP TouchSmart tx2z series, just for the cool factor of writing notes in a meeting with your finger….

  102. The HP G60t series laptop is my favorite!! I don’t need anything too fancy, so this would be perfect for me! Thanks for the chance!

  103. I also like the HP Mini 110 XP series. I’ve owned a couple of its predecesor Mini 1000 models and they are some of the best made mini-laptops on the market.

  104. The HP G60t series would probably serve all my needs. Funny I’m shopping around now for a laptop, looks like HP has a great deal going on. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  105. I love the HP HDX 18t Premium series because they can do anything and everything! I want something powerful and beautiful too…I really need a laptop, wish I had this 😀 HP all the way, it’s all I’ve ever owned…

  106. If I had to choose, I would choose the HP HDX 16t Premium series laptops. Although the mini has great appeal, too.

  107. I would love to put that $250 toward one of their TouchSmart tx2z series laptops–one with a twisty screen. Thanks for the chance!

  108. I love the idea of the touchsmart TX2Z. It’s powerful, innovative, small enough to be portable but still ultra-useful. nice!

  109. I love the HP Mini 110-1037NR XP Edition in swirl pink chic! It’s great they put XP on it and the color and size are great.

  110. HP TouchSmarttx2z found under Ultra-Portable looks so cool. I like the idea of hp ultra portable what a great idea

  111. If money were no object, I’d get one of their HDX 16t Premium series. Lots of memory and looks like it would be really fast. Thanks for the giveaway.

  112. Looking at the HP Mini 110 or another in the DV Series to supplement the HP laptop we have now. One laptop in a 2 user household just isn’t cutting it!!

  113. The HP Pavilion dv3t suits my needs, as it is “HP’s lightest Intel laptop with longest battery life.”

  114. I liked the Compaq CQ60Z>> The wonderful thing about it is, if I won your contest, I could justify having a laptop because it would cost so little more to get it!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win

  115. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


    Don’t tell my wife, but I think I’m in love with the ‘HP HDX 18t Premium Series Laptop’!

    What an ‘awesome-looking’ baby she is!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway offering and good luck to all!

  116. Easy. I would need an HP mini 110 Mi Edition Series laptop. I’d give it to my daughter. Last year she did an online writing competition and didn’t finish because of our computer. Now she wants to try it again, and I wish I could supply her with her own laptop!

  117. My favorite is the HP Pavillion DV3T. It looks great, it has a full sized keyboard and a 5 hour battery, upto 8 hours with a 9 cell.

    8 hours!

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  118. I have to say my favorite HP laptop would be the HP HDX 16t Premium series — I love that it has an HD display and Wireless N network card, because I love to have a laptop with portability and high performance when it comes to its multimedia capabilities. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  119. My top choice is the HP HDX 16t Premium series – high definition display with an ultrawide screen, full-size keyboard and highest customer rating among all of the listed customizable laptops available from the HP Official Store website.

  120. I’m not greedy any laptop would be ok with me, as I would love to have a good, fast, easy, dependable laptop.
    My favorite at the site would be if money was no option the HP HDX 18t Premium series with the A striking titanium design. A vividly bright, ultrawide display with 1080p (optional) and a 16:9 ratio. Home-theater-quality audio/video, optional built-in TV tuner1, Blu-ray2, and advanced graphics. That’s our Pavilion HDX18t—part of our new family of advanced, innovative notebooks—and it’s ready to bring you premium entertainment.
    But I know that I can only dream so thank you for the chance to win the gift card

  121. I like the HP Mini 110 XP edition series in pink chic because it is adorable and also very small, which is exactly what I need.

  122. I like the big HP HDX 18t Premium. It’s a true desktop replacement, and yet it’s still a laptop that I can grab and take with me, if I want to.

  123. HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series this is $750. I liked it cause it had a 2gb ram and 250 hd. I also liked it cause well it has some stylish designs on it. lol thanks julie for for the chance to win.

  124. I like the HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series but I would probably choose a more affordable model if I won this GC. My son’s 15th birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him that is within our budget. If I won this, I could afford to get him a laptop!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!


  125. You know I would love, love this HP Gift Card! There are so many HP laptops that appeal to me and if I had to pick a favorite it is the HP HP TouchSmart tx2z series. The portability and versatility of this dream machine is state of the art and unlike any others out there in the marketplace.

  126. I just bought a new netbook (HP110) and just finished building a new desktop. I would, therefor, have to get myself a new media server like the MediaSmart LX 195 to centralize storage in my house. Thanks for the contest!

  127. I’ve got to say the HP Mini 110 Mi edition would be my choice. The Mini is super small, the perfect vacation laptop for storing pictures on while you’re away and it makes for a great little couch surfing machine. The benefit to buying the 110 Mi is that you can get 2GB of memory and up to 250GB of HDD … the Mini 110 XP edition only does up to a 32GB drive with 1GB of memory. Not sure why the configuration differences – but the 110 Mi is definitely the winner!

  128. Thanks for not having us jump through hoops! YAY!
    That being said, I think the HP Mini 110 XP edition series would be lots of fun to have!

  129. All the recent buzz about minis has me intrigued, so I’d like to check out the HP Mini 110 XP. Thanks so much!

  130. I love the HP Mini 110 XP edition. It’s so small, but after looking at the specs, much better than my current laptop!

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