HP Magic Giveaway Contest – Day 8

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There is only one site launching their HP Magic Giveaway contest today. Go enter for another shot at winning $6000 worth of computer goodies from HP and Windows Live.

One Day, One Job

Don’t forget to enter our contest here at The Gadgeteer too! Contest details here. The contest ends on Monday December 8th at 12pm EST and so far there have only been 39 entries. All of the current entries can be seen here.

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12 thoughts on “HP Magic Giveaway Contest – Day 8”

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  2. Timothy C Larson

    People are getting laid off , losing sometimes everything and along comes companies like you and hp who just keep giving. Thanks for not forgetting what Christmas is really about. God Bless You

  3. Timothy:

    Stay tuned to The Gadgeteer because the HP Magic Giveaway contest isn’t the only one that we’ll be holding before this year ends. The HP contest is the biggest contest, but we have some more fun up our sleeve :o)

  4. Hi Julie

    I have a question for you; I just sent my entry and was wondering if you know enough about Microsoft office email (outlook) because my resolution before I sent it (I inserted the picture into the body of my email) was well over the 1024×768 and so I sent it…I went back to my sent items later and saw that the resolution was smaller…I didn’t do any cropping nor did I photo-shop the picture, but it changed…is there a reason this happens? Is it just my email? I just don’t want to risk being disqualified over a photo that was absolutely in the qualifying range before being sent.

    Thanks, any feedback would be awesome!!!!

    [Edited at December 06, 2008 22:39:50 PM.]

  5. Barb:

    I’ve not used Outlook in a long long time, so I’m not sure why it would have resized your image. If you still have the image, can you resend it by attaching it to the email instead of pasting it in? Or maybe change the file extension from .jpg to .zip or something and attaching it.

  6. Thanks for your help Julie…I’m trying to correct it now.

    My husband says that I might have the settings defaulted to resize images to fit in emails?!…don’t know.
    -barbarabaker đŸ™‚

  7. i had some email issues too. every time i tried to send my submission i got an error related to connecting with my server. i was literally sick to my stomach over it. it appears that it has finally gone through. not good for the nerves, lol!!

  8. julie,

    do you have any suggestions? it shows as “sent” and i also sent it to a colleague to make sure it worked, he go it.

    i am going to attempt to send it again. please excuse the duplicate submission if you already got it.


    [Edited at December 08, 2008 09:57:44 AM.]

  9. whew, first the email issues and then i lost my web connection for several hours. it lasted long enough to see you got my submission, thanks for letting me know it made it. my wife and kids would have strangled me (we made it a family project)

    good luck to all entrants!!

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