Roadmice Wireless Mouse Quick Look Video Review

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Here’s my quick look video review of the Dodge Charger Wireless Roadmice Mouse from Roadmice.


3 button mouse
800 DPI
Headlights glow Blue when mouse button is pressed

Video Notes

I found out after the fact that the ‘haunted’ cursor problem was due to not using a mouse pad… I’ve not used a mouse pad for years and it didn’t even occur to me to use one with this mouse…

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Product Information

  • Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista
  • Wireless
  • Headlights glow when you press the left or right mouse button
  • Erratic mouse cursor movement if you don't use a mouse pad
  • Cheap feel
  • Expensive

5 thoughts on “Roadmice Wireless Mouse Quick Look Video Review”

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  2. You would get a lot better color in your videos if you turned off your monitor in the background.
    The “haunting” effect I’ve seen on less advanced mice used on surfaces much like your table top. A mouse pad would probably fix it. Still not worth the $$.

  3. Guy:
    Yes, it was a mistake having the monitor behind me. I was going to reshoot, but I had already opened the package… I know better now for next time :o)

    Surprise, surprise… I just tried the mouse with a pad and it solved the haunted cursor problem. Wow, I’ve not used a mouse pad in ages…

  4. thanks alot i tried to activate wireless mouse on my laptop but i could sucsess .when i show your instruction in google i easily activated on laptop thanks once again .

  5. I’ve been using Road Mice for maybe 10 years or so. Have no trouble with them. But they don’t last for more than 5 years or so. Because of the ultrahard surface you’re using to test the mouse (or any other heavy mouse for that matter) it will cast. Did you test it on a mouse pad? I’m guessing NO.
    Otherwise, the review was really bad. I can’t believe you do this.


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