Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-11

I returned from from Arlington Sunday night and am wiped out!
This was my first time to attend a Sigma Kappa Sorority National Convention, and I had
no idea what I should expect.

Some of the highlights included
meeting Stacey’s (another local alumna) and my wonderful roommates,
Lisa & Jill from the University of Florida…

sorority convention1

…and winning the Colby Award on Wednesday night. I had to give
a speech ya’ll! ACK!

sorority convention2

A twilight tour one night included the new National World War II

sorority convention3

…the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial

sorority convention4

…the Lincoln

sorority convention5

…and the Korean War
Veterans Memorial

sorority convention6

I had seen many of these memorials before, but never at night.
If you haven’t visited them, then do; they are sobering,
amazing and beautiful in their own way.

The rest of the time was spent in classes, meetings, forums, and
awards banquet luncheons and dinners.

sorority convention7

I was able to stay connected because I had brought my JasJar,
and there was a strong T-Mobile signal at the
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel
. Next time I am bringing along
my laptop though, surfing on a 3.8″ screen for extended periods of
time is no fun… :0(

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