Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-11

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I returned from from Arlington Sunday night and am wiped out!
This was my first time to attend a Sigma Kappa Sorority National Convention, and I had
no idea what I should expect.

Some of the highlights included
meeting Stacey’s (another local alumna) and my wonderful roommates,
Lisa & Jill from the University of Florida…

…and winning the Colby Award on Wednesday night. I had to give
a speech ya’ll! ACK!

A twilight tour one night included the new National World War II

…the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial

…the Lincoln

…and the Korean War
Veterans Memorial

I had seen many of these memorials before, but never at night.
If you haven’t visited them, then do; they are sobering,
amazing and beautiful in their own way.

The rest of the time was spent in classes, meetings, forums, and
awards banquet luncheons and dinners.

I was able to stay connected because I had brought my JasJar,
and there was a strong T-Mobile signal at the
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel
. Next time I am bringing along
my laptop though, surfing on a 3.8″ screen for extended periods of
time is no fun… :0(

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