Innopocket Metal Deluxe Case for the Palm m100 Series Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm m100 series PDA

Not everyone needs the protection that an aluminum case can offer. But for
those that want it, it can be had and for a reasonable price. The
Metal Deluxe
for the Palm m100 series is one of the best designs I have ever seen
for an aluminum case. What makes it so special?

First, there is the fact that the Innopocket hugs the curves
of the Palm m100. It is not a figure-hiding metal box, and it doesn’t add
unsightly bulk to an otherwise small PDA.

Adding only 1.8 oz (52g), it actually enhances the feel of the m100 in my
opinion. The exterior is what I would best describe as a black "powder-coat,"
and it doesn’t feel as slippery as a smoother metal case might.

There are perfectly aligned cut-outs for the stylus and Infrared port. This
is where I should state the one and only con that I found: if one has an m100
model that accepts SD/MMC memory expansion cards, then the PDA will have to be
removed from the Innopocket for insertion or extraction of the card. I can live
with that, but I know that there may be those that can’t.

The entire interior is lined in shock-absorbing neoprene that not only
cushions the Palm while it is ensconced in the case, but also helps to
protect the PDA in the event of a fall.

What sets this case apart even further from the competition
is the fact that the metal flip-cover opens to the top, instead of to
the right or left, when you push the two silver buttons on either side of
the PDA’s screen.

I really wish Innopocket, or another PDA case manufacturer, would make an
aluminum case for other PDAs that also opens in this manner. I definitely
prefer it!

The flip-lid will open and lie flat, just as you see in this picture.
While it does not open all the way backward, to lie flush with the PDA’s
rear, I didn’t find that the lid got in my way at all with the exception of
when beaming to another Palm. In this situation, I found it easiest to
simply prop the lid up in a 90˚ angle
with my hand.

The Innopocket fits the m100 series very well, looks sharp,
and offers excellent protection. I am also pleased with the conservative

If you desire the looks and protection of a aluminum case, then I
highly recommend this one in particular.

Price: $29.90


Intelligent design
Neoprene lined
Slim and light form factor


Can’t access memory card slots while PDA is in case


Product Information

  • Intelligent design
  • Neoprene lined
  • Slim and light form factor
  • Can't access memory card slots while PDA is in case

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9 thoughts on “Innopocket Metal Deluxe Case for the Palm m100 Series Review”

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  2. Waiting to see if you two will review this! I have a Toshiba e740 that is b0rked, and I am looking at a new PDA (gadget). I have an iPod to tide me over as a retreival device, but down the road:

    * Toshiba e805. Pocket PC with VGA screen! Also has WiFi and dual slots.
    * HP h4350. Pocket PC with WiFi, just SD, but a keyboard.
    * Treo 600. Palm OS (not preferred), solid phone, keyboard (albeit small).

    I use a Mac, so Palm is easier, but I prefer Pocket PC. The Treo appeals since it’s a convergence unit, but that keyboard is small, and no WiFi.

    The Pocket PCs appeal as well, but not out yet.

    I also want a manbag that looks nice. 🙂 I use an Eddie Bauer bag now, and it’s beat to heck. My wife things I ought to buy this Prada bag she keeps seeing in Saks, but $500 is too rich for me!

  3. Hehe – come on, I am a gadget freak! 😉

    I ask as my Toshiba has reached the point of aggravation. Hard resets in the middle of meetings is not good. Anyway, I plan on going to Best Buy today to mess with the Treo demo again, and also to see if they have Hitachi G1000.

    Good thing I bought that Best Buy warranty!

  4. Hey! I’m going back and forth on whether or not I want to spring for a Treo 600 as well. I drool over that thing but I just bought my Nokia 3650 back in May. I hate carrying around a Palm and a phone though… :rolleyes:

    Can’t WAIT to see the review. The thing looks so amazing. Maybe I should just buy one (I have an old 180 lying around so I can get it for $399) and see if I like it enough to keep it… or return it.

  5. Which carrier is it available for? And, does it do AMPS?

    I’m kind of in the marekt for a new carrier, even though I still have a year to go with my current contract. The hard part is finding out how the coverage really is.

    The Dreamer.

  6. Friday! I think I may go out and get the Treo (Best Buy warranty) tomorrow, in any case. 🙂

    Oh, and the Tapwave Zodiac – looks great as a PDA, and throw in the gaming functionality…. 🙂 Just need to see if it syncs with the Mac, even without official Tapwave support.

  7. I am wrapping up the review right now. You know how many pictures and screen shots we always do. :p I should have it posted in another couple hours, max.

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