InnoPocket Metal Case Review

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Palm V/Vx

4/22/01 Update: This case has been updated with
thicker aluminum. I’ll make updates to my original comments in red………….

The InnoPocket Metal Case for the Palm V/Vx is a light weight metal case that comes in 5 different colors (black, blue,
red, titanium, and silver). The case appears to be made of a light weight aluminum. Although the box that the case came in says that it is made of “100% dectile light trivalent metallic element”…whatever the heck that is. It also goes on to say that the material has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and resistance to oxidation. I’m not sure why we would want a case that could conduct electricity or heat, but resistance to oxidation is a plus.

Basically this case is a cheap copy of Rhinoskin’s Palm V Molded hardcase. The InnoPocket is made of thinner aluminum which can be flexed somewhat
with your fingers. It is also not a molded case but is a bent metal case with seams. See the table below which compares the thickness and weight of the InnoPocket with the Rhinoskin Molded case.

Thickness  Weight
InnoPocket  .029″ * .085 lbs
Rhinoskin  .035″ .155 lbs

*Originally .020in”

Since the metal is quite a bit thinner with this case, sometimes when you close it with too much force, the sides will overlap. The edges of the case match up pretty well, but not as well as the Rhinoskin case. Although the metal is thinner than the Rhino case, the edges don’t feel as sharp. I wasn’t afraid that I was going to cut myself when opening it like I was with the Rhino case.
The InnoPocket is also easier to open. But since the metal is thinner, it is more flexible. Because of this, I would not feel secure in putting this case in the back pocket of my jeans and sitting on it.

Newer version of case is much sturdier. I wouldn’t be
afraid to put it in my back pocket now. 

The InnoPocket does seem to be quite a bit more scratch resistant than the Rhinoskin
Aluminum case.

The Palm V is held in the case with a metal rail that fits in the left stylus silo. The rail fits snuggly and there is no fear that the Palm V will slip off. The rail is actually part of the hinge. I found that the hinge pin on this case would quite often poke out of the bottom of the hinge. I would have to push it back up into the hinge. I’m not sure that it would just fall out of the hinge, but it is loose. It is also a bit

Newer version doesn’t have a problem with the hinge pin
falling out, but now the metal stylus rail is too small to firmly hold the Palm
V on it. It can very easily fall off.

The inside of the case is only padded on the left side (screen side). The other side of the case is bare. Even though the padding is very thin and probably offers no real protection, I think the case would be perceived as being better if it had the padding on both sides.
Although the box for this case says that the internal velvet cushion will “Protect the Palm V from any damage”, I don’t think this case would protect the Palm V/Vx much at all in the event of a fall. There is nothing about this case that
could absorb the shock of a fall.

Newer version uses the same thin velvet lining but now
lining is on both sides. I still don’t think it offers any type of protection.

There is an opening for the IR port. I’m not sure why you would need the opening when the case is closed, but it’s there. That said, the opening doesn’t quite line up perfectly.

Newer version lines up fine.

There is also an opening on the upper right side of the case for a stylus. The
original Palm V stylus works fine with this case, as does the E&B
Palm V iPoint stylus
. But, unfortunately the PDA Panache Palm V stylus doesn’t work. The top cap gets caught on the top of
the case which doesn’t allow the stylus to be inserted completely into the silo.

Newer version has the same problem with the PDA Panache

One nice thing about this case is that you don’t have to remove the Palm V/Vx
in order to sync or charge it in the cradle. You just have to fold the back half
of the case away from the Palm V in order to insert it into the cradle.

The InnoPocket is $30 cheaper than the Rhinoskin case and is available in 5 colors.
I think that $50 for this case is too expensive. I would pay maybe half that. If you only need a slim lightweight case to protect the PDA screen, then this case will fill that job. Just don’t count on this case to protect the Palm V in the event of a drop.

The InnoPocket and Rhinoskin are now the same price.
They are both pretty similar in form and function. If the InnoPocket didn’t have
a problem with the stylus rail being too small, I’d be apt to pick it over the
Rhino due to the nicer finish.

Price: $40.00

Light weight
Small size
Available in 5 colors

Thin metal / too flexible
Hinge pin slips
Padding only on one side of case

Stylus Rail too small


Product Information

  • Light weight
  • Small size
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Thin metal / too flexible
  • Hinge pin slips
  • Padding only on one side of case
  • Stylus Rail too small

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