PDA Panache Palm V Custom Deluxe Stylus (P55) Review

The Palm V Custom Deluxe Stylus (P55) from PDA
is a replacement for the original plastic or metal/plastic styli that came
with your Palm V. The P55 comes in either a silver chrome or black chrome finish. Both are
durable electroplated finishes and look good in the Palm V stylus slots. I personally
prefer the silver chrome finish…

v-styli-2.jpg (7127 bytes)

These styli can fit in either the left or right stylus slots. The shape of the P55 is sort
of hourglass like. The barrel is thinner near the bottom where your fingers would be. The
thinner area also has grooves that keep the stylus from slipping from your grip. The top
of the stylus has a rounded cap. There is also a bulge near the top of the stylus so that
you can either press the stylus into the slot all the way, or leave it sticking out about
a 1/4″ inch or so for easy retrieval. Even when the stylus is sticking out, it won’t
fall out of the slot as friction will keep it in place. I find that it is easier to remove
the P55 from the Palm V stylus slots than the original styli that came with my Palm V.

v-styli-1.jpg (13635 bytes)

The top of the P55 unscrews from the bottom to reveal a handy reset pin. The pin is brass
instead of plastic like E&B’s Point! styli.

v-styli-3.jpg (3249 bytes)

The P55 styli also have a screen-safe EasyView orange writing tip which is injection
molded from 100% virgin DuPont Delrin. I find that writing with these styli feels smoother
than writing with the original Palm V styli. The bigger orange tip makes it easier to see
where you are writing/tapping. I think that the additional weight of the P55 also makes
writing easier due to better balance.

If you couldn’t already tell, I like this stylus quite a bit. The silver chrome model now
has a permanent home in my Palm V stylus slot. I’ve heard a few complaints in the
newsgroups about the pricing. I don’t think $17.95 is too much to pay since all PDA
Panache styli come with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, and free life-time tip
repair warranty.

Price: $17.95

Fits in either stylus slot.
Looks great.
Easy to see writing tip.
Lifetime free tip repair.

The stylus will easily roll of your desk.

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