PalmVelope Review

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The PalmVelope is a play through neoprene case by TWare Solutions Inc. that is available in 8
different colors and fits the PalmPilot, Palm III, Casio E-10/11, Everex Freestyle and
even the Gameboy Pocket. The cases come in Pacific Blue, Basic Black, Burgundy, Forest
Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Red and Teal colors.

palmvelope-1.jpg (6577 bytes) palmvelope-2.jpg (8105 bytes)

The PDA slides easily into the case and then the PalmVelope flap is held closed with
Velcro. On either side of the case is an elastic holder for your stylus so that you don’t
need to open the flap to retrieve it.

palmvelope-3.jpg (2142 bytes)

On the inside of the case is a hidden pocket behind the PDA. This pocket can hold several
business cards or folded currency.

What sets the PalmVelope apart from other play through cases is the clear plastic window
that you can write on/through and press the buttons through. I found that I had no problem
using my stylus through the plastic. Graffiti/Jot took just a bit more pressure but not a
whole lot. I even found that I liked using my finger to press the onscreen buttons while
using this case…which is something that I never do on a bare screen. I liked that I
could just pick the PDA up and have it ready for use without needing to unzip or remove it
from a case.

There are a couple small problems with this play through window though. One is that it
is a bit hard to press the Power button on a PalmPilot because it is at the very edge of
the window (there isn’t a problem at all with pressing the other buttons). Using the
PalmVelope with a Casio E10/11 does not have this problem. The other problem is that the
plastic does create a glare problem for viewing the screen. This glare problem isn’t bad
enough for me to say that I wouldn’t buy this case though. While using the case I would
just tip the unit back and forth till I found a good viewing angle without glare. It
really depends on your lighting environment whether this would be a problem for you.

The case itself is made of thick neoprene and is 5″ x 3.25″ x 1.25″. The
Neoprene adds quite a bit of cushion/protection to the top, bottom and back of the PDA.
The sides and screen are only minimally protected though. I would like to see some type of
screen flap for this case so that when you’re not using the PDA, there would be something
there that would protect the screen in the event of a fall. You could turn the unit around
so that the screen would face the back of the case when you weren’t using it though.

The PalmVelope is well made. I didn’t see any problems with the materials or stitching.
This is a nice inexpensive play through case that I think most people enjoy using.

Price: $19.99

Play Through.

Have to remove to sync with PC.
No real protection for the screen.


Product Information

  • Play Through.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Have to remove to sync with PC.
  • No real protection for the screen.

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