E&B Palm V Slipper Case Review

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The Slipper V by E&B Cases is a black leather
play through case for your Palm V. This case comes in a belt clip and non belt clip
version. For this review, I will be discussing the belt clip version.

slipper-p5-1.jpg (7043 bytes) slipper-p5-2.jpg (6600 bytes)

This case is a nice form fitting case that doesn’t add much to the overall size of your
compact Palm V. The Palm V slides into the case and does not require any Velcro or zippers
to hold it in. Because of the slightly splayed out shape of the bottom of the Palm V, it
takes a bit of effort to get the PDA in and out of this case. That’s ok though because
once you get it into the case, you can leave it there because you can hotsync while the
Palm V is still in the case. This is accomplished due to the opening for the hotsync port
at the bottom of the case. I found that the first couple times that I put the Palm V in
the cradle, that it required me to press the PDA down into the cradle in order to make
good contact. It seemed like after those first few times that subsequent syncs no longer
required me to do this. I think that with use the leather stretches a bit around the
bottom of the Palm V so that it can fit better into the cradle.

slipper-p5-6.jpg (5588 bytes)

The Slipper case has a flap over screen cover that has the E&B logo badge on the
outside and one card slot on the inside. The cover has a hard insert to keep it stiff and
to protect the screen. This cover is held in place with two small squares of Velcro at the
bottom sides of the case. I noticed that on one side of my case, the Velcro sticks out
slightly. The cover does not touch the up/down hardware buttons when it is closed so you
won’t activate them accidentally like on some other cases.

slipper-p5-3.jpg (5049 bytes)

When the Palm V is in the case, there is access to the power button, application buttons
and styli (on both sides). Access to the application buttons is fine except for the down
scroll button which is partially covered with leather.

slipper-p5-5.jpg (3209 bytes)slipper-p5-4.jpg (5243 bytes)

The back of the case has a metal knob sticking out for the belt clip. The knob is small
and only sticks out about 1/8″. The actual clip that you wear on your belt is a black
plastic pinch clip. You have to squeeze it open like a clothespin to put it on your belt.
The knob on the back of the case then slides into the clip with a nice audible ‘click’. To
remove the case from the clip, you just press the nice sized release button on the belt
clip and lift the case up. It is quick and easy to use with just one hand. When the case
is on your belt, it can swivel around so that you can sit down without the case being in
your way. Wearing the Palm V in the Slipper on your belt is comfortable and is barely

ebcasio-3.jpg (4196 bytes) ebcasio-4.jpg (4105 bytes)

I really like this case because it is slim, made very well and doesn’t require me to
remove it to hotsync.

Price: $32.95 ($29.95 without belt clip)

Doesn’t add much to the overall size of the Palm V.
Can hotsync while in the case.

Leather partially covers the down scroll button.


Product Information

Manufacturer:EB Cases
  • Doesn't add much to the overall size of the Palm V.
  • Can hotsync while in the case.
  • Leather partially covers the down scroll button.

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