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This post is brought to you by eBay. All opinions are 100% mine. September is Emergency Preparedness month, and it's time to think about what you and your family will do if disaster strikes.  Not all emergencies are of the end-0f-the-world or zombie-apocalypse scale.  They can be on a smaller scale, but just as potentially [...]

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New Smart Features Offer a Simplified User Experience This post is brought to you by LG G3. Boasting a revamped user interface and host of new features, the new LG G3 is the ultimate in smart technology. Unveiling the first 5.5­Inch Quad HD display announced in the U.S. market, Laser Auto Focus, Smart Notice and [...]

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This post brought to you by Boost Mobile’s Shrinking Payments. All opinions are 100% mine. Other than the utility bills for my house, my cellular bill is my second biggest monthly expense.  Nothing I do can lower that bill until my contract is up with my cellular provider.  Years ago, when I got my first [...]

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