[This is a guest post] When I was eight, I was quite convinced that my future kitchen would look like that of Caractacus Potts’s in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Why bother making breakfast, when a fantastical arrangement of Rube Goldberg machines could do it for you? While modern kitchens don’t resemble the creative contraptions imagined… Read More

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This post is sponsored by As retailers and marketers have gained expansive access to new markets through the internet in the past couple of decades; there has been growing distance between big brands and consumers that can result in “lost markets.” The rise and rise social media, mobile and the struggling challenges of reaching… Read More

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It’s good to know that we live in a day and age where technology is increasingly making our lives safer. When you’re out on the road, OnStar keeps you ready for anything with services like Stolen Vehicle Assistance and Automatic Crash Response. OnStar is a powerful built-in technology available in most GM vehicles that connects… Read More

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You’ve got a ton of mobile gear – tablet, smartphone, laptop – that’s supposed to unchain you from your desk.  You should be able to do business anywhere you find yourself with all this mobile equipment, but there’s one small problem.  You can’t do anything without an internet connection.  Buying service plans for each and… Read More

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