How many of your favorite childhood movies predicted future gadgets?

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When I was eight, I was quite convinced that my future kitchen would look like that of Caractacus Potts’s in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Why bother making breakfast, when a fantastical arrangement of Rube Goldberg machines could do it for you?

While modern kitchens don’t resemble the creative contraptions imagined by Ian Fleming, 2017 does offer you a smart fridge that will remind you to buy milk. Ian Fleming seemingly had a penchant for imagining gadgets — the very same Mr. Fleming authored the James Bond series!
But although his imagination was top-notch, not many of Fleming’s gadgets turned into reality. The same can’t be said for other movies, which accurately predicted some of our gadgets decades before they appeared on the consumer market.

The following graphic illustrates the 14 movies and tv shows that predicted future gadgets. Looking at the past, it’s easy to get excited about the new wave of gadgets that we’re going to see in the next twenty years!

14 technology predictions from pop culture

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5 thoughts on “How many of your favorite childhood movies predicted future gadgets?”

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  2. As an 8 year old…the communicator & tricorder/tablet thingys were top of my list.
    When Motorola released the Star-Tac…I had to have one. I just wished they had incorporated the click click click sound when you flipped it open 🙂

    1. Don’t forget Uhura’s Bluetooth headset, the USS Enterprise’s voice command computer, and Captain Picard’s tablet.

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