Get paid for your old gadgets with Amazon Trade-In

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Did you know that Amazon will “buy” your old phones and other gadgets and pay you back in Amazon gift cards? I haven’t used their trade-in program, but a quick read of the details makes it sound pretty inviting.

Here’s how it works… You go to the Amazon Trade-in page, scroll through the list of items that you’ve already bought from them to see how much you can earn for each item. If you don’t see an item on the list that you’d like to sell, just do a search to see if they’ll buy it.

Hmmm, I’m no longer using this router… maybe it’s time to trade it in!

Amazon will send you a paid shipping label, you box up the item, ship it to them for free, wait for them to appraise it and then within 10 days, you get an Amazon gift card that you can use on anything that Amazon sells. If you change your mind after they tell you how much they will pay or if there’s a problem with the item, they will ship it back for free.

It might be a great way to unload your old phone in anticipation of buying the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone 8.

Amazon Trade-In offers competitive trade-in values* for the hottest devices, including:
Apple iPhone 7, Silver, 32 GB (Unlocked) up to $305
Apple iPhone 7, Black, 128 GB (Unlocked) up to $335
Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Silver, 32 GB (Unlocked) up to $335
Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Black, 128 GB (Unlocked) up to $370
Apple iPhone 6s, Silver, 32 GB (Unlocked) up to $205
Apple iPhone 6s Plus, Space Gray, 32 GB (Unlocked) up to $240
Samsung Galaxy S7, Black, 32 GB (Unlocked) up to $150
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Black, 32 GB (Unlocked) up to $170

* Trade-in values are subject to change and vary based on model, carrier, and condition.

The Amazon Trade-in service is an easy way to get rid of stuff that you’re no longer using. There’s really no down side other than finding a box to pack the items in. Check out the details by visiting the Amazon Trade-in page.

4 thoughts on “Get paid for your old gadgets with Amazon Trade-In”

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  2. I’ve been using Amazon Trade-in for awhile versus selling on eBay. I personally keep all the boxes and my tech in pristine condition so I always get the best price when trading in to Amazon. You will probably get about 10-15% less than selling it on eBay but eBay/PayPal already cuts about 10% for commission and the remaining 5% I usually write off as convenience fee since I don’t have to create an eBay page and also deal with the hassle if the buyer wants to return something.

      1. > good point about not having to create a page or…

        Except that in your case, you could sell your unwanted/unused stuff directly on the-gadgeteer. Unlike lots of different sites, this one feels more personal – it certainly has your signature on it. I doubt most of your users would even mind. (pulls out wallet for some great deals;-)

  3. I just checked… When you access the page, it’ll list some of the items you’ve purchased at Amazon. Presumably these are items that still have some value.

    My Huawei Ascend Mate 2 (unlocked) which I purchased for 245.00 on August 2015 is worth $1 to Amazon if it was in pristine condition today (August 2017). It’s currently selling for $140.

    My ASUS ZenPad 10.1″ Android Tablet ($149.00, bought November 2016) is worth $60 in top condition. It’s currently selling for $173.00.

    Maybe others will see better pricing on some of their items, especially popular ones, but I usually buy serviceable (bang for the buck) stuff. I wouldn’t have been interested in selling either of these two items. I have less motivation to do so under the gift card system.haha!

    Also, when trying to add additional items, I found their search terrible. Bought a microwave a short while back. I clicked “add new item” on this page, typed in “microwave” and I got 25 pages of everything (nothing I bought from them) except an actual microwave.

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