Boost Mobile’s Shrinking Payments keep your wallet fat

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This post brought to you by Boost Mobile’s Shrinking Payments. All opinions are 100% mine.

Other than the utility bills for my house, my cellular bill is my second biggest monthly expense.  Nothing I do can lower that bill until my contract is up with my cellular provider.  Years ago, when I got my first cell phone, I didn’t consider a non-contract plan because they offered little bang for my bucks.  That’s not true any more, and Boost Mobile offers some feature-filled plan options and a wide variety of  Android phones.  Of course, there are a lot of wireless carriers that offer plans with no contracts, so what makes Boost Mobile worthy of your consideration?  Customers come first with Boost’s “You Earned It” campaign.  Boost Mobile is the only mobile carrier that rewards your loyalty by reducing your monthly payments. Keep reading about how you can Get Shrinking Payments plan. 

For every six on-time payments you make, Boost Mobile will reduce your monthly payment by $5.00.  With the $55/month plan, you’ll be quickly able to lower your monthly charge to only $40 a month.  This $55 plan offers you a lot of features – unlimited nationwide talk and text, and unlimited long distance, voice mail, call waiting, and call forwarding.  It also includes unlimited data, and 4G is available.  And you won’t be stuck with a phone that looks like that brick Mulder used in The X-Files, because Boost offers a great variety of well-priced Android phones to choose from.

With Boost Mobile, you have value without compromise, with better phones, less commitment, and great service at an affordable price.  Boost uses the Nationwide Sprint® Network, so you’ll get the reliable service you expect with no roaming charges and fewer dropped calls.

Are you ready for great cellular service, Shrinking Payments, and a fatter wallet?  Why don’t you check out the variety of plans offered by Boost Mobile and see what works best for you and your family?  What would you do with more money in your wallet?  I’m thinking I’d be able to buy a few more holiday gifts next year with all the money saved with Boost’s reliable plans!

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5 thoughts on “Boost Mobile’s Shrinking Payments keep your wallet fat”

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  2. Janet – did somebody hack your account? I’m used to seeing balanced reviews from you but this one looks like it was written by Boost Mobile’s PR department and not “all opinions are 100% mine.”

    “Customers come first with Boost’s “You Earned It” campaign. Boost Mobile is the only mobile carrier that rewards your loyalty by reducing your monthly payments.” – c’mon – no reviewer would write that.

  3. @Charles Thank you for saying you expect balance from my reviews. But as Julie noted, this isn’t a review. It’s just a news post.

  4. That’s exactly what it read like – but these these aren’t your opinions and it would help to point that out in the beginning.

    The gadgetter has always been a place to go to read an entertaining and balanced review. I was surprised today to read what looked like a review (opinions are 100% mine) that really read like an ad (which it is.)

  5. Boost is not the only one who offers “shrinking payments”. Solavei, MVNO of Tmobile, offers not a “shrinking payment” incentive, but a “disappearing payment”….when you refer 9 new users, your service is free – no more bill.

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