iPad mini with Retina display is available to purchase in Apple’s online store

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When it was announced, the iPad mini with Retina display had no firm release date.  It’s now available for sale in Apple‘s online store.  Shipping occurs in 1-3 business days for the WiFi model and 5-10 business days for the WiFi + Cellular models.  Just as announced, each version is available with 16, 32, 64, or 128GB of storage.  Also as announced, pricing starts at $399 for the 16GB WiFi-only model and $529 for the cellular models.  Like the iPad Air, you can choose from Space Gray/Black or Silver/White.

You may remember that I purchased the original iPad mini as soon as it was released last year.  I only bought it because there was a possibility I’d need it for a job.  The job never materialized, but I kept the iPad mini and used it instead of my 3rd-gen iPad.  I loved that little iPad because it had everything the big iPads had, except for size and weight.  I could hold my iPad mini for hours each day without the sore hands and tired arms I got from the bigger, much heavier iPad.

I was torn when I heard the new version of the iPad mini wouldn’t be available immediately.  I couldn’t stand the thoughts that my husband would have a nice, new iPad Air with its faster everything while I was waiting for who knew how long for the new mini.  After all, I had what was essentially an iPad 2 in a smaller package, and I was ready for a faster processor and faster surfing.  I knew the iPad mini with Retina display would have all the same internals as the Air, so I’d get that exciting bump in speed.  I just don’t like to wait.

I tried to convince myself to wait for the new mini, and I might have been able to wait if there had just been a firm release date.  After reading all the specs and realizing the iPad Air weighed only one pound, I decided I’d go back to the bigger model.  I do love my iPad Air; I  like having the bigger screen and the slightly louder speakers, but I will admit that today I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t wait for the iPad mini with Retina display.

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  2. I’m very tempted to get a mini with retina. I’ve an Ipad 3rd gen and use it in place of a laptop for much of my work. I’d like to reduce that profile even more without losing functionality.

  3. I was tempted as well, howeve went with the iPad AIR – its really NOT that much bigger anymore and the added realestate is worth it – not having tot pinch in and out when tryign to work w/ documents for work or magazines.

  4. I just checked the Apple Store and went through the purchase process for a 16GB wifi with the black case. In total $519. I have a Nexus 7 being delivered today with a case for $265. I am tempted by the iPad Mini, but 1 inch larger screen is the benefit for an extra $254. Basically twice the price. Is iOS that much better than Android 4.3 or 4.4 (since the Nexus can be updated to 4.4). Is that extra one inch that important for screen size.

    I have to admit the very fact that I was tempted says something definite about the Apple appeal. But in the end, I hit the cancel button for the iPad Mini and will wait for the Nexus. Perhaps like Janet I suffer from gadget impatience. What if the iPad Mini could be delivered into my sweaty palms today? Would I return the Nexus unopened? Maybe I am becoming sensible in my old age and I am making the right decision financially. Or maybe I am becoming boring. Sigh!

    1. @Richard I haven’t been tempted by the new iPads. I really like my Nexus 7, warts and all. I’m looking forward to updating it to 4.4 in hopes that it solves the one issue I have with it (Bluetooth and Wifi problems when both are active at the same time).

  5. I have a first gen iPad (the Original!) and have been really tempted by the iPad Air, but now that the mini has a retina display, I’m highly conflicted…

  6. ok – so didn’t resist the urge – picked up the 64GB mini last night – will see if the air or mini wins – wow the screen is incredible!

  7. I’m half tempted because I’m fairly into digital representations of board games for long distance play and it seems IOS is getting most of the releases.

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