As I have grown older, I appreciate the finer things in life and that is definitely reflected in my EDC gear. Where I look for items that not only suit my needs throughout my day but also my personality as well. I prefer items that are well made from high-quality materials and engineered to withstand [...]

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Shinola has recently partnered with Benchmade to create the 765 titanium pocket knife. This high-end titanium folder has a slim design engineered to fit well in a pocket or EDC bag. The titanium 765 pocket knife features a Benchmade 3.24″ M390 steel blade with a durable titanium handle all finished in a black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for extreme hardness plus scratch and [...]

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The Bandit Titanium keychain locking pocket knife is a Kickstarter crowdfunding project that has already earned more than 2x their funding goal. Made from Grade 5 Titanium and hardened 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel, this mini pocket knife is perfectly sized to hang on your keychain or fit in the coin pocket of your jeans [...]

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You'll make short work of dinner preparations when you use the set of knives in the Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block.  The block is made of of silver plastic and has individual knife sheaths built in.  It's weighted to prevent tipping.  The set includes five, one-piece knives with high-quality blades.  You'll receive a chef's, bread, carving, [...]

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JJ's Knife Kit from Garrett Wade is a nifty build it yourself kit for little ones aged 4-7. Kids always want what their parents have, so this is a safe way to let them feel like they have a grown up tool. These kits come with pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces of Oak or Cherry depending [...]

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Here's a nifty gadget for your gear bag. It's a replica of a hobo knife from the early 1900's. This one from W.R. Case has a bone handle with a knife, spoon and a fork with a can opener. It's pretty expensive at around $80 or so at various online retailers. However, I did find [...]

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Have you ever seen a knife like this one? It's the Van Hoy Snap Lock from CRKT. It features a very unusual opening and locking mechanism. If the included belt clip isn't installed, the stainless steel blade can rotate 360 degrees. If one of the clips is installed (you can attach it to either side [...]

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This knife from SOG Group (Special Operations Group) offers three wire stripping features from fine multi strand all the way up to cable. There is a stripper bar for wire sizes of 12-24, an adjustable spring-loaded UTP/wire stripper in the back, and hole stripper that uses the main blade. You can get one from Garrett [...]

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I've had a thing for pocket knives ever since discovering my Dad's small collection in his jewelry box as a kid. You know how some kids like to snoop around in their parents stuff when they're not home? Yeah, I was one of those kids... I was fascinated by the different shapes and sizes of [...]

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Here's a nice looking pocket knife from Garrett Wade that combines 2 stainless steel blades with a 6" folding precision rule graduated in 64ths, as well as a metric scale. It's 3/8" thick, weighs 0.8 oz. and folds to a length of 3".

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If your gadget tastes lean more toward the utilitarian, you may be happy to learn that Gerber, famous for their knives and multi-tools (and not baby food), have added a number of new items to their multi-tool family, including the Crucial multi-tool and the Curve keychain tool.  The Crucial (pictured) is a butterfly-opening pocketable tool [...]

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The Spyderco Byrdrench is unlike any multi-tool that I've seen before. The tool’s housing is two stainless halves that join creating slip joint pliers (with a large or small bite) on one end and an adjustable 9/16” crescent wrench on the opposite end. Other tools include a knife, file, hole starter and a bit housing [...]

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The Spyderco Firebyrd combines three tools into one pocket sized device. You get a cutting blade, a lighter and a bottle opener. It has a notch-joint (non-locking) drop-point blade that opens/closes one-handedly. Its hollow aluminum handle holds a standard-sized lighter (not included) with peek-a-boo cutouts revealing the lighter inside.

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Here's a gadget for all you crafters out there. Instead of using an Xacto or razor blade to cut shapes from paper, there's the slice Precision Cutter from designer Karim Rashid. The tip is a never-rust ceramic blade that lasts longer than steel and stays sharp forever. It never needs sharpening.

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