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Late last fall, we told you about a perk for Amazon's Prime members, allowing them to store unlimited photos in the Cloud for free.  Well, Amazon has decided to extend the type of files you can store, and they are making the plan available to everyone at very reasonable prices.  No longer must you be [...]

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Amazon just announced a new perk for their Prime members - unlimited free storage of photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive.  You'll be able to copy up all the photos from your computer and your mobile devices to one secure location and view them from all your devices.  Amazon's world-class security and protection systems will keep [...]

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IDrive had already made 100GB of cloud storage for $1 available to Android users earlier this year, and now they are extending the offer to iOS users.  You'll need to download the IDrive mobile app and sign up through it for the $1/year deal.  You'll automatically get 50GB backup space by default, and you'll get 50GB [...]

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Need even more online Cloud storage?  We've tried to keep you up to date with what's available so here's another free offering.  When you sign up with MediaFire they'll give you 50GB of storage. It is their basic offering so there's no batch uploading, files sizes are limited to 200MB and long term storage is "limited" [...]

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The Cloud  is heating up with new cloud storage entrant Bitcasa  offering infinite cloud storage at an extremely reasonable price. Bitcasa states that it encrypts everything uploaded, keeps three copies of your data for redundancy and you can also use rollback functionality for versioning or recovering deleted files.  Clients are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, [...]

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Still don't have enough cloud storage?  Cubby is a new file-syncing/sharing service from LogMeIn, makers of one of the most popular remote access tools. Previously only available via invitation-only beta, it's now open as a public beta.  Signing up will get you 5GB of storage, and you can refer friends for an additional 1GB, for up to [...]

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ES File Explorer

One of the best file managers on Android is ES File Explorer. Most people probably only use it to handle local files and maybe LAN shares, but if used properly, ES File Explorer handles so much more than that.  With the proliferation of cloud-based storage such as Sugarsync, Dropbox, your 50GB Box account,  and sync-enabled [...]

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Cloud storage abounds at the moment. We told you about Box and their free 50B and how to get the best out of using it.  And of course, there's always Dropbox, Sugarsync, iCloud, and a plethora of other options.  Heck, even Google just released Google Drive.  My 25GB SkyDrive account has always been like my [...]

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Another option for those who need more Cloud storage, Google has just released Google Drive. 5GB is available to all Google users free, and plans allow you to upgrade to up to 16TB.   With Google Drive, you'll be able to create and collaborate in real time (it incorporates Google Docs as well), store your [...]

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