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Do you ever dream about the perfect smartphone? Of course you do, you are visiting The Gadgeteer after all. Well that's the question I posed to my team of cracker jack gadget writers this week and here are their answers, including my own thoughts on the features that would make my dream phone. Here we go [...]

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Here's a holiday gift idea for all of the iPad and other  tablet fans on your shopping list. They are universal tablet stands from the French company Ninki-UP. They offer six styles of stands that are compatible with tablets ranging in size from 7-11 inches. These acrylic stands feature flexible arms that can be adjusted to provide [...]

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If you happen to be one of the lucky gadgeteers who have been able to get your greedy little mitts on Google's new Nexus 6 or will soon get a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Android smartphone, the Urban Armor Gear Maverick case will keep these new phonse protected from drops. It features an rrmor shell [...]

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How would you like to own a 100+ year old piece of railroad steel from the Louisville and Nashville Railroad? Nashville based Rail Yard Studios takes chunks of reclaimed forged rail steel and turn them into unique hand-made tablet stands that can be used to display your iPad, Android and other tablets. Each stand is [...]

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I received an email from Verizon this morning that said I could double my existing data allowance from 3GB to 6GB for FREE just by calling a phone number. I just got off the phone with them and now I have 6GB of data and it didn't cost me a cent. Seems a little too [...]

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It's been over three years since I've reviewed or even used a Sony smartphone. The last time was back in 2011 when Verizon Wireless sent me the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android smartphone. In the three years that have passed, Sony has dropped Ericsson from their name, but the company is still making high end [...]

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If you are a geek, you most likely already know what steampunk is, but if not, it's a sub-genre of science fiction that features steam-powered machinery and gadgets that have been inspired by the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. The folks at Steamy Tech have created a wide variety of kits and [...]

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Adding more file storage to a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air usually means hanging an external hard drive off a USB port, plugging in a USB flash drive or inserting an SD card. All these ways will work just fine, but they aren't the most elegant solutions. Dangling an external drive from your laptop when you're [...]

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Here's a low tech alternative to the expensive hi-tech problem of viewing movies on your smartphone. Instead of crowding around your phone's screen, project the image on a wall using the Smartphone Projector. This DIY kit is made of sturdy cardboard and a comes with a glass lens that will magnify the image on the [...]

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Getting power from point A to point B when there's no electrical outlet on one end usually means that you have to employ the aid of an extension cord. I'm sure you probably have at least one orange extension cord in your garage or home. Long extension cords are obviously handy, but uncoiling and coiling [...]

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We like to make sure you are always up to date with what we're writing about, so here is a full list of all the news, reviews and articles that we posted this week on The Gadgeteer. RHA MA600i in-ear headphone review Motorola DROID TURBO review Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Wireless TV Speaker (Model TV-SB) [...]

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Now that you have an iPhone 6 Plus, how are you going to protect it from everyday wear and tear? Are you using a rubber bumper case? Boring... Maybe you have a snap-on plastic shell on the back. Even more boring... If you want an iPhone 6 Plus case that looks fantastic while also doubling as [...]

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Here's a little something for our gadget loving fisherman readers. It's the Hook-Eze and it claims to help you quickly and safely tie a fishing hook to your line without drawing any blood. It's a simple gadget invented by Ross Bain of Australia, that is basically a holder that snaps over the hook's barb so [...]

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The Kenu Stance is a handy tripod that plugs into the Lightning port on newer iPhones using a patent pending MicroMount which is made of a composite material called Grilamid. The stand features a zinc-alloy construction providing a stable base with non-slip feet and a ball-and-pivot joint that lets the iPhone tilt and rotate freely for taking pictures, using Facetime [...]

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In the past few years a lot of people have traded their power sucking incandescent bulbs for CFL bulbs as a way to cut energy costs. They get a big thumbs up for cutting energy, but there are problems with CFL bulbs including the fact that they have mercury in them. Not disposing of these bulbs properly [...]

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Today Verizon Wireless announced that November 26, 2014 will be designated as their first "Connection Day". From 11/26 - 12/24 Verizon will be giving away a selection of tech goodies which includes free Wi-Fi, digital magazines, audio books, music and more. The best part is that the bulk of these gifts are not just for Verizon [...]

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Texas based Audioengine who are known for their high end speakers and audio accessories, have announced a new speaker that has me drooling. It's the B2 Bluetooth speaker. I know that there are more Bluetooth speakers on the market than there are people in China, but this one is a cut above most. With a [...]

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It's the time of year that I always look forward to... No, it's not the gorgeous autumn foliage that I like, it's not Thanksgiving dinner or Black Friday deals either. It's the time when many new smartphones roll out. A few weeks ago it was the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Apple and now [...]

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How would you like to use a full sized keyboard and mouse to interact with your smartphone and tablet without having to carry a set of peripherals with you? You can with the KeyShair from IOGear. Just plug the KeyShair USB adapter into a desktop or laptop computer (PC or Mac), run the built in app [...]

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The Nokia Lumia 830 is now available in the U.S. online exclusively at AT&T.com and at AT&T retail stores. The Lumia 830 is a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone with all the special attributes that I love including Qi wireless charging, replaceable battery, microSD card slot, FM radio and a double tap screen wakeup feature. It even comes [...]

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