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In my neverending quest to find the best and most useful EDC gear, I've decided to focus on the items that I carry in my pockets. Since I don't carry a purse or wear a belt, the items have to be small, lightweight and serve more than one purpose.  I recently reviewed the Trayvax Summit wallet [...]

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Today’s deal of the day will help you save $50 off an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet and $25 off a Fire HD productivity bundle. The Fire HD 10 is Amazon's own tablet that features a thin design, 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 color display, fast quad-core processor, a microSD card slot for memory expansion, front [...]

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Did you visit The Gadgeteer every day this week? No?! Just a sec while I get a tissue to wipe my tears... Seriously, I know you're all busy and might not be able to make time to visit this site every day. That's why I create these lists on Saturdays that have links to every news [...]

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I like to listen to music and podcasts through earphones or headphones while I'm at work, but when someone comes up to talk to me, they either startle me or I have to remove the earphones to hear them. My solution to this problem has been to put only one earphone in my ear and leave the other one [...]

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Kids grow up fast, but their toys don't. That means parents pay for updated versions of the same toys year after year. This is both expensive and wasteful. Globber has designed a scooter that transforms as your child grows. It's starts out as a 3-wheeled push bike for a 12 month old that mom or [...]

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Our phones contain all of our important information from our calendars, to our contacts lists, messages, photos and more. There's no question that backing up that data is critical. That's why Android and iOS devices have built in features to back up to the cloud. One backup is great, but having a second backup is [...]

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When I switched from the LG G3 to the Nexus 6P last fall, I knew I'd be giving up a couple features that I had been enjoying for years with the LG G3 and previous smartphones - a microSD card and most of all, wireless charging. With the 6P's USB-C fast charging, the lack of [...]

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Are you one of the more than 60 million people who suffer from motion sickness? Do you or someone you know get car sick, air sick or sea sick? The Reliefband may be the easiest way to control nausea and vomiting, which can ruin your trip and activities. Unlike some motion and travel sickness solutions, [...]

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Here is my weekly list of crowdfunding campaigns that caught my eye for being unique, affordable and worth a look. Don't worry, I'll always keep the list at five or fewer projects. Click through to see this week’s notable Kickstarter projects. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/625059603/the-magic-coin-pouch-handle-coins-better What is it? The Magic Coin Pouch from Paperwallet is a small coin [...]

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I've reviewed a LOT of wireless cameras, IP cameras, home security cameras, whatever you want to call them and have a specific set of features and criteria that I use to judge these types of cameras. #1 is image quality, #2 is viewing angle, #3 mobile viewing application usage and features, and #4 camera needs [...]

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3D printers are designed to print three-dimensional objects by laying down multiple layers of material to create the object. These printers traditionally print the objects in plastic, but some models can print in metal, glass powders and other materials. The Carvey 3D carving machine from Inventables is essentially a three-axis mill that carves objects from material [...]

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I hope everyone had a nice week and are enjoying the weekend. If you were too busy to visit The Gadgeteer every day this week, I have a listing of all our news posts and reviews that I've arranged in chronological order so you can browse through it and get caught up on any posts [...]

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As soon as it gets even close to nice weather here in Southern Indiana, the gnats, mosquitoes,  and other annoying bugs are out in full force. It's bad enough dealing with them when you are outdoors, but no one wants bugs indoors too. How do you get rid of them without bug sprays? One solution may [...]

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Laptops are fantastic for all your on the go computing tasks, but when you use them at home, they tend to become a magnet for cables connected to all the ports. When you want to go mobile, you have to unplug everything and then reconnect when you return. An easier way around this hassle is to [...]

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  Inexpensive capacitive styluses get the job done, but battery powered active styluses can do a much better job of mimicking the pen on paper feel that most of us want when drawing or writing on our touchscreen devices. Lynktec is no stranger to styluses and I've reviewed several of their products (see related posts [...]

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