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Last week I ordered a cute little Android pin from Dead Zebra. When it arrived, there were a couple of Android stickers also included in the package. I was so excited that I took a picture and shared it with Dave Rees (my Gadgeteer BFF). What he said next made me both laugh and think. [...]

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This week we have four crowdfunding projects that range from toys to wallets and productivity tools. Click through for all the campaign details. What is it? The Fidget Cube is desk toy for grownups who like to fidget with their hands. It reminds me of activity playsets for babies that have buttons to push, switches [...]

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that things haven't been going so well for Samsung the past week or two. With a recall in effect due to faulty batteries, I'm afraid it's going to give the Samsung Galaxy Note7 a bad wrap. Dave Rees and I have teamed up again to share [...]

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This new FIRE HD tablet from Amazon features an 8-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, Dolby Audio speakers, rear and front-facing cameras and 12-hour battery life. When Fire OS 5.4 is released, this new tablet will have Alexa enabled. Alexa provides quick access to the entertainment you want, including music, [...]

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If you've been searching for a hands-free navigation tool, look no further than the M-9 Wrist Compass from Suunto. Suunto who are well known for their sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and other precision instruments, also make the M-9 Wrist Compass which features a glow in the dark dial, an accurate sapphire jeweled bearing and [...]

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The new No Starch Press: Geeky LEGO Crafts 21 Fun and Quirky Projects by David Scarfe will turn you into the Martha Stewart of LEGO. This 128-page book full-color hardback book features step by step instructions for 21 kooky and useful items that you can build with LEGO bricks. Some of the crafts include mounted [...]

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It's been a busy week for tech news. If you have been distracted by the flood of iPhone 7 announcements and Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall news, and didn't get a chance to read all our posts here on The Gadgeteer, this post will let you quickly scan a list of titles to see if there's [...]

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DIYers, makers, and anyone else who likes to repair or create things will be interested in learning about FORMCard. What is it? It's moldable bio-plastic cards that come in different colors. To use it, you put the card in hot water, which softens it up enough to become pliable. Shape it as you wish and [...]

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Today we have five quick updates to reviews / pages that were posted as far back as 2008 and as recent as this week. Well, the newest one isn't really a review, but it's still an update, so I'm including it. Why do we do these review updates? Because it's the best way to let [...]

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When you think of Garmin, pet activity trackers are probably not the first product that comes to mind. The Delta Smart is an on-collar training, obedience and activity tracker device that has been designed especially for dogs of all sizes and coat lengths. The device works with the iOS and Android Garmin Canine app to [...]

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Drone racing is the new RC toy past time for geeks and RC enthusiasts. The Rogue "Beta" FPV (first person view) drone from xCraft is not only wild looking, but this drone is wild in the air too. The Rogue flies like regular racing drones, but when you're ready to really fly, you just flip [...]

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As I was watching the end of today's Apple Event and listening to Sia sing Chandelier, I had a feeling of deja vu because just like last year, I was having the overwhelming desire to buy the new iPhone 7 and maybe even an Apple Watch. After the Apple event last year at this time, [...]

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In 1966 The Beatles released Yellow Submarine, the title song of the animated film by the same name. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Moleskine is debuting The Beatles Limited Edition notebook collection. This new collection of notebooks from Moleskine includes five styles and two sizes including a [...]

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Last Sunday I posted a review of the Smoovie Pocket Video Stablizer and wasn't very impressed with it. Now I see that Olloclip is offering a video grip that looks interesting. The Pivot doesn't have a gimbal like the Smoovie, you're on your own for stabilization, but a lot of phones already have built-in image [...]

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This week we have five notable crowdfunding campaigns that include two Titanium pocket knifes, a watch strap that turns your finger into a Bluetooth headset, spoons that decorate drinks and foods and more. Click through for all the campaign details. What is it? The Strand and The West are two different Grade 5 Titanium folding [...]

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