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Gadgets that track your activity and sleep are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are trackers that clip to your clothing, ones that clip to your shoes, wristband style trackers and smartwatches with built-in activity tracking features. But what if you don't want to clip a tracker to your clothes and don't [...]

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If you live in a home with a sliding door, you know how convenient they are for going to and from your patio. But they can also be frustrating to use when your hands are full. Eric Gagnon thought so too, so he invented the Zoupet. What is it? It's foot operated door slider. Check [...]

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It's hot and humid right now here in Southern Indiana where I'm located, but before we know it, the snow will be flying and we'll be wishing it was summer again. Cold weather makes me miserable because my internal thermostat is defective. Heck, I'm wearing a sweater right now and it's going to be over [...]

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If you're the kind of person who has a favorite watch or watches that they like to wear on a regular basis, you may also like customizing it by switching out the watchbands. TOKYObay is now offering this watch repair toolkit for at home strap replacements and more. The kit comes with a selection of [...]

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Picture this scenario. You've just been to the grocery store and spent eleventy billion dollars on Honey Bunches of Oats cereal and BBQ potato chips. You get home and are one of those people who can't make multiple trips to the house with your bags. You MUST carry in all the bags at once or [...]

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This week's notable crowdfunding campaigns round up post includes four Kickstarter campaigns  that were interesting enough to pique my interest. Click through to check out my list of this week’s notable Kickstarter projects.  What is it? This is a wrist watch that has a 24-hour dial and only one hand. The dial has 24 numbers [...]

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=0MfehSNDmeA AR (Augmented Reality) is finally taking off in a big way since the uber-popular Pokémon Go game made its debut a few weeks ago. AR is definitely a cool way to make games more fun, but there's more to it than that. Augment, a company based in New York City, Orlando and Paris is [...]

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Staying hydrated is important if you want to stay alive, but drinking water from a boring water bottle can make you lose all zest for life. This is obviously a first world problem and the solution to this meaningless problem is the Hydra SmartBottle. What is it? It's a 20-ounce BPA-free water bottle that is [...]

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Sumo Air review


Sumo, who are well known for their modern day bean bag furniture, has a new product that uses air instead of beans as a filler. The Sumo Air is a lounge chair that can easily go from the living room to the beach and even to the pool. Let's take a closer look. The Sumo Air [...]

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Are you ready for a new batch of review updates? Today we have seven quick updates from Kathleen Chapman. She took the time to sort through her gear to look for items that she's still using weeks and months after she posted her review. How did some of the chargers, cables, and other gear stand [...]

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This attractive outdoor wall-mounted mosquito trap has been designed to attract and kill disease-carrying mosquitoes without using expensive propane refills or other chemicals. Instead, it uses a 3,000-hour rated UV fluorescent bulb that reacts with the titanium dioxide coating inside the trap to emit odorless carbon dioxide (the same gas we breathe out) to attract [...]

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Hearing impaired Gadgeteers now have an alternative to switching out tiny batteries for their hearing aids. The MDHearingAid VOLT hearing aids have built in lithium-ion batteries run for 18-22 hours on a single charge and can be recharged using a simple micro USB cable. The VOLT hearing aids also feature dual microphones and a one-size-fits-most [...]

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Early last year we told you about Astropad, the software that turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac and Adobe Photoshop. Now they have released Astropad 2.0 that supports the iPad Pro and Pencil. Astropad 2.0 offers improved performance and features that elevate the drawing experience to the level that some artists [...]

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Can you believe that it's August already? Where is the year going? For that matter, where did this week go? If you've been in a whirlwind like I've been and haven't had time to visit every day this past week, then click through for a quick list of all our news, reviews and articles that [...]

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If you live in a tiny house, embrace minimalism, appreciate tools with more than one purpose or just like kitchen gadgets, then you'll want to check out the Spadle. What is it? It's a long handled dishwasher safe nylon spoon that easily converts into a ladle with a simple twist of the handle. The Spadle [...]

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