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Raise your hand if you use more than one monitor with your computer setup. It can be a great productivity booster to have added screen real estate for side by side web browser windows, documents, etc. But adding monitors means you'll also need desk space to set them. Philips has designed an interesting solution to [...]

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Using a stylus with your Android, iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets is perfect for note taking and drawing. But the one feature lacking in 99% of tablets is that there's no place to store the stylus when you're not using it. So it ends up at the bottom of your bag or is easily lost. [...]

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Stores might not have the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in stock yet, but you can prepare early with a new case to protect your shiny new Android smartphone. MobileFun has a a large selection of cases from Spigen, Versus and Samsung for both versions of the phones that include non-bulky inexpensive flexible covers [...]

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It's time to catch up on the articles we posted that you might have missed this week. Click through to view a list of all the gadget news, reviews and articles that we posted in the last seven days. SunJack LightStick review Nyrius Aries Home+ Wireless HD Transmitter review Col. Littleton No. 37 Satchel in [...]

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If you have been bummed about the fact that the Apple Watch won't have all the cool features and sensors that were originally promised, here are two watches that I guarantee will turn heads when you use them. These watches have built in lighters. Yes, I know it sounds a bit scary to have a [...]

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Who besides me remembers the Stowaway folding keyboard from ThinkOutside? Although it's been over 15 years ago since I reviewed it, I continue to think about how cool it was and still is after all these years. If there was a Bluetooth version of this Stowaway keyboard available today, I'd buy one. But there isn't, so [...]

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The Screwpop Utility Knife is a box cutter style knife that can easily attach to your keychain. It features a simple design constructed from solid stainless steel with a yellow brass eyelet. An easy to find two or four notch blade fits into the channel and is locked in place with a fold down clasp. This tool can [...]

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Today may be Friday the 13th, but that doesn't mean it's unlucky. It's actually your lucky day because this week Andy Jacobs adds updates to thirteen of his past reviews to let us know how the products are still working for him. Click through to see a list of his updated reviews and then scroll to [...]

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJWyRwqHtmY WonderCube is an Indiegogo crowdfunding project for an 8-in-1 adapter that is small enough to attach to your keychain. This one inch cube transforms into the following tools: USB cable, USB charger, phone stand, OTG USB cable, sync cable, emergency battery charger, flash memory and an LED flashlight. The WonderCube will be available in [...]

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I can only play so many rounds of Candy Crush before my brain feels like it is going to implode from boredom. Words with Friends is usually my go to game when I need a little break from work, but lately I've been trying to find another solo game that is easy to play, doesn't require [...]

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I wish I would have known about the Havahart Spray Away Elite II before we ended up erecting an 8 foot tall fence around a 50 x 50 foot garden plot two years ago. Jeanne had tried several times to have a garden only to have it turn into a free salad bar for the [...]

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As part of a new feature I will call "World's stupidest products" or "Do people really buy this stuff?", we have the Mail a Spud service. And yes, it's exactly what you think it is. It's a Russet potato with stamps on it that is sent through the United States Postal Service first class mail [...]

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If you cringe every time a new electric bill comes in the mail and you wish there was an easy way to monitor how much power and money your appliances are using, you should check out the ego smart Wi-Fi socket from Efergy. This small module plugs in between a wall socket and the appliance [...]

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Spring seems to be right around the corner (finally!) but I'm still wearing gloves on my drives to and from my day job each day. The best thing about gloves is that they keep my hands warm and dry. The worst thing about them is that they make interacting with my phone a big hassle. [...]

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If you own an Android device and know what OTG is, give yourself a +1 geek credit. If you don't know what OTG, it stands for On The Go and it's a very easy way to use full sized mice, keyboards and flash drives with your Android devices. OTG cables and adapters are easy to [...]

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Make sure you catch up on all our news, reviews and articles that we posted in the past week. Click through to view a list of all of our reviews, articles and news from the past week. Master & Dynamic MH40 headphone review iBolt Command Remote review MIU COLOR glass water bottle with tea infuser [...]

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I don't know much (ok I don't know anything) about wine. But I do know that traditionally, the best wines have been stored in oak barrels as part of the aging process. The wooden barrels impart flavor, color and even texture to the fermenting beverage. That's for the good stuff though. If your budget is more [...]

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A few days ago I posted a review of the Varidesk Pro Plus standing desk. I'm enjoying the versatility of this desk and the ability to easily go from standing to sitting in just a few seconds. But after a couple weeks of standing, I've started noticing some problems with my knees hurting from standing in [...]

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This looks like a fun do-it-yourself project for you or your kids. It's the D.I.Y. Solar Wood Globe from Brando. The kit comes with everything you need to construct a globe of our planet that rotates when it's exposed to sunlight. The base is made of wood and the globe is made of plastic. A small [...]

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This week it's Bill Henderson's (I like to call him Mr. Earphones) turn to update a selection of his past reviews with notes on how they've held up (or haven't). Just click through to see his list of updated reviews and then scroll to the bottom of each one to read his latest update. Just Mobile HeadStand Headphone [...]

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