This Grovemade case is as beautiful as the iPhone it protects

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Grovemade constructed this beautiful case from Oregon Claro walnut and premium vegetable-tanned leather.  The wood frame was CNC-milled with the layout taking advantage of the strength of grain direction; it has precision-crafted corner joints and lasercut actuated walnut power and volume buttons.  The wood was all hand-sanded and stained, and then the case was wrapped with leather.  The iPhone fits easily inside, and the front folds completely back for one-handed use, or it will form a horizontal stand.  The Walnut & Leather iPhone Case will be available to fit the iPhone 6 for $129; the iPhone 6 Plus case will be $139.  Grovemade is taking pre-orders for both cases now, or you can leave your email address to get updates about when the case will be ready.

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  • Yeppers November 26, 2014, 11:49 am

    Wow, only $10 between the 6 and 6+? Looks like the 6+ is the much better deal here.

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