MarBlue is offering their indestructible HeadFoams headphones in adult sizes


We recently told you about the MarBlue HeadFoams headphones for children that can stand up to the punishment kids dish out and keep functioning.  Well, kids aren’t the only ones who are hard on their headphones, so MarBlue is introducing some HeadFoams designed for adults.  HeadFoams Pro are larger to fit most head sizes from teen to adult.  They have audio controls and a microphone on the cord for phone calls, and they don’t have the volume-limiter found on the kid’s version.  They still are made of a single piece of EVA foam, which is non-toxic, BPA-free, bendable, light, comfortable, and nearly indestructible.  HeadFoams Pro are available in three styles:  Racer has a sleek black chassis with hot red details, Boutique is a chic purple statement with hot pink accents, and Electric sports a neon green body with hot blue call outs.  MarBlue‘s suggested retail price for the HeadFoams Pro is $29.99.

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