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LED Lenser P7 LED Flashlight (8407) Review

on June 24, 2008 9:34 pm

I always enjoy receiving flashlights from Discount LED Lights & Knives to review. They sell the German made LED Lenser products, which are extremely nice. One of the latest LED Lenser flashlights in the new HP (High Performance) line that has come on the market is the P7. This light is unique in that it has a focusable lens and is super bright.

LED Lenser P7

As per a lot of LED Lenser flashlights that I’ve reviewed in the past, the P7 also comes in a nice Black box which would be suitable for presentation as a gift.

Flashlight Specifications

Light type: Cree LED
Bulb: High-intensity 4.45-watt 167 lumens Gallium LED
Lens: Plastic composite material
Reflector: Advanced Speed Focus System
Beam type: Spot
Case type: Aluminum
Powered by: 4 AAA Alkaline batteries included
Water resistant?: Yes
Size: 5.5 x 1.4 in
Weight (with batteries): 7oz

LED Lenser P7

Package Contents

P7 flashlight
4 AAA batteries installed
Canvas belt case
Instruction / spec sheet
The P7 has a Black aluminum case, with a knurled grip and an eyelet on the cap for the included handstrap. In hand it very feels solid and comfortable, with good balance. The only writing on the flashlight is the LED Lenser logo and model number.

LED Lenser P7

The interesting feature of this light is that it has a focusable beam. Focusing is accomplished by extending and retracting the lens of the flashlight. When the lens is fully extended, it is approximately 5.5 inches long.

LED Lenser P7

When you slide the lens back towards the body, it is shrinks by about .25 inches. The lens remains at the length you slide it to by friction. You can slide it back and forth while the light is on or off.

LED Lenser P7

The lens is made of a plastic material with a dome in the middle that allows the LED to focus the beam of light. The P7 uses a Gallium LED that provides 167 lumens. I think it’s the brightest flashlight that I’ve reviewed yet.

LED Lenser P7

On the opposite end, you find the metal power switch which is located in the end cap of the flashlight. It’s a spring loaded click switch with good tactile feedback.

LED Lenser P7

The o-ring sealed end cap unscrews to reveal an attached battery holder. The P7 is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are thankfully included with the flashlight. This flashlight advertises the fact that it will give up to 130 hours of light on one set of batteries.

LED Lenser P7

LED Lenser P7

Also included with this flashlight is a nice canvas belt case. It has a belt loop and a small carabiner.

LED Lenser P7

The P7 has a three step Quick-Cycle switch function. Press power without clicking it for maximum light, click it once for low light, click again for high beam and then again to power it off.

LED Lenser P7

Here is a picture of my office with no lights on, at night, with the door closed. You can only make out the glowing LEDs from some of my electronics. I’m standing in the corner of the room focusing on the opposite corner approximately 16 feet away.

Now let’s power on the P7 and see what it can do…

LED Lenser P7

This is what the beam looks like with the lens extended out 100% and the power switch clicked in once. It’s a narrow focused bright beam.

LED Lenser P7

Here’s what the beam looks like on the second setting. You can see that the beam has widened, allowing you to see more area.

LED Lenser P7

Here’s what it looks like when you slide the lens to the shortest position and press the power button once. The light is well spread out with no real bright spots or areas of intensity.

LED Lenser P7

Click the power button once more and WOW, a super bright wide spread beam that pretty much illuminates the entire room. According to the specs, the P7 has a 0-711 foot light range. That’s quite impressive.

As you will notice from the images above, all of the settings have very visible differences in beam focus and brightness. I can understand how this flashlight would be very helpful for people that make their living working in dark areas. That said, I can also see how this light would be useful to anyone that needs to shed a little light (or a lot of light) into a dark spot.

I really like the LED Lenser P7 for its rugged design, variable focusing options and super bright beam. The fact that it uses regular AAA batteries is also a plus in my opinion. Even though it’s quite a bit more expensive, the P7 is now my favorite LED Lenser flashlight, unseating my previous favorite, the LL7732.


Product Information

Manufacturer:LED Lenser
Retailer:Discount LED Lights and Knives
  • Variable beam focusing feature
  • Powered by AAA batteries
  • Very bright beam
  • Pricey


  1. 101
    Shaun says:

    I can confirm that COAST and Led Lenser are no longer associated!
    COAST have upped the lumens and improved the beams on their very own range…. Grrr I hate loving torches (and so does my bank balance)

  2. 102
    Damian says:

    Great review, the LED Lenser P7 is a good flashlight as I have one myself and it has never let me down, for its size it is unbelievable the amount of light that it produces, im soon looking to treating myself to a led lenser H14R headlamp to.

  3. 103
    jack tucker says:

    Coast and LED Lenser are now separate companies and that presents problems with warranty. I had a Coast LED Lenser and sent it back to Coast, heard nothing for a month emailed them and got a call the next day. The lady from customer service was real nice and started explaining that I had sent the light to the wrong company. Coast had sent the light over to LED Lenser and she wanted to give me their phone number. I informed her not to worry about it, I had figured out that their was no warranty. That if their were a warranty I would have heard something from somebody. She then hung up on me.

  4. 104
    Pat Rentmeester says:

    I have a Led Lenser P7 and since I changed the batteries the flashlight stays partially illuminated even after it is shut off. do you know what would cause this and what I might do to correct this?

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