A pen that might be mightier than a sword – Benchmade 1100

The Benchmade 1100 series pen is made of anodized CNC machined Aluminum or Stainless Steel and uses ink cartridges manufactured by Fisher Pen Company. This instrument can be used as a pen or a kubotan (a self defense weapon). This particular model is available in several colors and sells for $120. Benchmade makes other pens

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Is it a pen, a yo-yo or a weapon?

I’m going to warn you all right now – I’m currently obsessed with finding unique writing instruments. Namely, small ball point pens. In my surfing adventures tonight, I have found the BaliYo. This ‘device’ resembles a butterfly knife, but is actually a ballpoint pen that contains a Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink cartridge. The interesting

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SureFire Pen II

surefire pen

SureFire is normally known for their high quality flashlights, but they also offer a nice looking pen. It has a hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum body with a stainless steel clip and tip. It uses Schmidt® Technology easyFLOW 9000 ink cartridges. The Blue version looks pretty snazzy, but the $90 price tag knocks it out of the

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LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen Review

Kids sure are lucky these days because they have laptops and PDAs to help them with their school work. Back in my day,
all we had were pencils, that we had to sharpen with a pocket knife as we walked to school barefoot in the
snow. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad… But really, all we had were pens and pencils to take notes
during class. I used to hate taking
notes in school because my mind had a really bad habit of wandering. Fast forward to present day
and not much has changed. My mind still wanders and I still don’t like taking notes. But, now I have a new tool that can help fill in the
gaps during those times when I’m supposed to be paying attention during meetings. It’s an electronic pen called the Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe.

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