TEC Accessories PicoPen Review

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I don’t know why, but I have a thing for unique and tiny ink pens. I’ve been a fan of the Inka Pen for awhile, but when I saw the PicoPen from TEC Accessories, I knew I had to try one because it looked like a slicker alternative to the Inka. Let’s check it out.


Everything comes packaged in a Altoids sized tin box, with all the bits arranged in a specially molded foam insert.


Package Contents

PicoPen with ink pen insert
PDA/Stylus insert
Snap ring
10mm split ring
Stainless steel wire rope keychain


The PicoPen is made of stainless steel and is about 3 inches long (from cap to end) and 3/16 inches in diameter. It weighs in at less than 1/4 ounce.


The cap is held in place with a rare earth magnet. Just give it a tug and it separates from the pen.


The PicoPen comes with an ink pen insert and a stylus insert. It’s easy to replace either one. Just grab the tip with your fingers and pull. Replacement ink inserts are $1.85 for a package of 3.


The pen is very short and thin,  but it’s still comfortable enough to use to jot a short note or list. I wouldn’t want to use it to write a novel, but that’s not its intended purpose.


I like that several options for attaching the PicoPen have been included with the package. Here it is with the snap ring. I don’t carry  it around on my belt loop as shown, but I do connect it to the eyelet on one of the zippers on my Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger bag.

The PicoPen is a simple product with an elegant design and a great price. It’s definitely my  new favorite travel pen. 🙂


Product Information

Manufacturer:TEC Accessories, Inc.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Magnetic cap
  • Easy ink refill installation
  • Comes with different attachment options
  • None

10 thoughts on “TEC Accessories PicoPen Review”

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  2. I still like the Inka pens screw on ends. With my luck something would cause the magnet to drop this pen off.

    Plus, I like the fact that the Inka can be converted into a more regular sized pen for longer use.

    I bought 4 of them for various places around the house and work based on your original review. 😉

    1. @Aybara Yes, I also like that the Inka can be converted into a regular sized pen, but I rarely do that… So the PicoPen seems perfect as it’s easier to use (for me).

  3. magnet loss! the pen would fall of magnet if you are somewhat active
    I was jumping up the stairs and it feel off…sitting on the couch, fell off
    not a good buy unless all you do it sit upright and not actgive

  4. I bought the Pico because I thought it was a nice piece of kit, but I was really disappointed by the fact the magnet caused the cap to stick to everything made of steel it came in contact with, first the keyring itself making by bunch of keys a total mess. Definately a design fault in my opinion. I’m about to buy the Titan Inca and hope it will work better on my keyring

  5. Have you mingled your keychain with the PicoPen on it with your wallet or more specifically with you credit cards? If so have any gotten erased. Credit cards can be erased by magnets. Would you consider performing a PicoPen vs Credit Card safety test for us?

    1. @FirstLast No, I haven’t put the PicoPen with my keys in a pocket with my wallet. For one thing, it wouldn’t. No, I really don’t want to erase one of my credit cards. How about not keeping your keys AND your wallet in the same pocket? 🙂

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