TabToolKit iPhone App Review

When I first discovered the TabToolKit iPhone App by Agile Partners I thought it was a very cool idea for guitar players who like to use tablature to learn new tunes. I quickly learned that this application isn’t just for guitar players. Ukulele players like myself, banjo players, piano players, etc will also love this …

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i-tab Portable Guitar Tab Player

The i-tab is a portable 4GB guitar tablature player with a 5 inch touch screen and built in speakers. Clip it on to the end of your guitar’s headstock and it will scroll lyrics and chords while you play. It can also be used to display guitar lessons and play backing tracks. It ships with …

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Need someone to rate your riffs? There’s an app for that

Riff Raters is an iPhone app that lets musicians record and share their musical riffs with the world. Listeners rate and comment on the music they hear, helping to determine which riffs make the Top 25. Riffs are “short repeated melodic phrases,” usually lasting no more than twenty seconds – like a musical “tweet”. All …

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An instrument for the terminally tuneless – LaunchPad

If your previous attempts at learning to play an instrument ended in failure, the Novation Launchpad might be your ticket to musical bliss. This device is an audio controller that you can use with your computer. It consists of an 8-by-8 panel of buttons. Each button is used to launch an audio event – a …

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Star6 iPhone Sound Mixer App Review

There is a new iPhone app by Agile Partners that has hit the iTunes store and it’s called Star6. Star6 is a program that let’s you act like a DJ/musician. You can sample songs,  add some rhythms and change things like pitch and speed simply by tilting your iPhone forward and back.

Get your Pandora fix with the Livio Radio

If you are a fan of Pandora radio and have been wishing for a stand alone device, today is your lucky day. The Livio Radio stuffs your favorite music service into a retro-ish looking console. It even offers Pandora’s signature “thumbs up, thumbs down” controls on both the front panel and the remote. The radio …

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TuneUp iTunes Library Management Plugin Review

My iTunes library has over 10,000 songs. I’ve been accumulating music for years now and in that time, I’ve built my collection from ripping my own CDs and umm… by other methods too. As a result, my library is pretty messy. I have tracks with very descriptive names like Track 1 and Track 2 and …

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