V-Picks – Guitar Picks That You Won’t Drop

I saw these cool looking guitar Picks when I was flipping through an Acoustic Guitar magazine yesterday and thought all my gadget loving guitar playing friends would love to hear about them. V-Picks are picks made of a special acrylic material that when warmed by your fingers, will stick to them. The pick isn’t sticky, but it sticks to your fingers so that you can relax your hand and play better. V-Picks are available in different styles (for guitar, bass, mandolin and dulcimer) and colors (even glow in the dark) and are priced between $4 – $20.

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3 thoughts on “V-Picks – Guitar Picks That You Won’t Drop”

  1. Gary Christol

    A friend has one like the one pictured. It’s very thick. While I generally prefer a thinner pick, I was surprised how well it “slid” off the string. It made it feel somewhat thinner. Especially noticeable was the huge increase in volume and a fuller tone. I plan to buy some.

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