iPhone/iPod charger

This Kickstarter project is already more than fully-funded, but you still have until Nov 25 at 1:00pm EST to get in on the first shipment of these labels.  Whooz are designed to quickly identify a charger, charging cable, and even earbuds, and they are available for iPhone/iPod or iPad.  You’ll know at a glance which white… Read More

When I recently updated my iPad 2 to iOS 5, something went wrong and I lost the backup of my iPad 2 – which meant I had lost all my pictures and notes from the iPad 2.  Of course, iOS 5 lets you backup everything to the cloud now, but I’m still a bit upset… Read More

I’ve been a fan of the dock concept all the way back to the Palm Pilot’s charge/sync cradle.  Designed for users who don’t connect and sync to iTunes and so don’t have a backup of their data, the Iomega SuperHero not only charges your iPhone 4/3GS/3G or iPod Touch (4th gen), but also backs up… Read More

The iHome iP39 speaker system for iPhone/iPod is designed for the kitchen.  The sleek design doesn’t take up much counter space, and its stainless steel finishes help it blend in with the current trend in kitchen appliances.  You can use cooking apps to prepare a meal while charging your iPhone/iPod.  The iP39 has dual kitchen… Read More