iHome iP39 Dual Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio Speaker System for iPhone/iPod

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The iHome iP39 speaker system for iPhone/iPod is designed for the kitchen.  The sleek design doesn’t take up much counter space, and its stainless steel finishes help it blend in with the current trend in kitchen appliances.  You can use cooking apps to prepare a meal while charging your iPhone/iPod.  The iP39 has dual kitchen timers, and the clock has two week/weekend alarms that can wake you to music from your iPod, from the FM radio, or with a buzzer if you decide to use it in the bedroom instead of the kitchen.  The dock retracts when not in use, and the iP39 has easy-to-clean membrane buttons.  There’s a sync button to automatically sync clock time to iPod time, a USB charging port for cellphones or other devices, and a magnetic remote control that will stick to the iHome when not in use.  The iHome iP39 is $99.99.

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