Claire Strodtbeck

Mio DigiWalker C230 GPS Review

Last year, I found the Mio DigiWalker C220 on Black Friday for only $100. I really love it, so I was certainly
game to review its upgraded replacement, the C230. This is more or less Mio’s lowest-end GPS unit.

Brando IP Security Camera Review

I’m a big fan of webcams. Once I figured out how to broadcast a webcam stream on a webpage,
I started broadcasting from work so that my mom and friends could see me. One idea I had related to this was setting up a little home
surveillance system with my two Logitech QuickCams and my eeePC 701’s integrated webcam. I’m mostly just curious to see what my cats do
all day while I’m at work. While setting up such a stream is pretty easy, it requires running a computer 24/7 and can be a little power and
bandwidth hungry.

IPEVO PoV Webcam Review

I’m a bit of a webcam aficionado. I have several – my Dell XPS M1330 and eeePC 701 have integrated webcams, plus I have an older
VGA Logitech QuickCam and a new 2MP QuickCam Orbit AF. Video chatting can be a lot of fun when your friends live out-of-state – or on the
other side of the globe. Julie sent over a couple webcams for me to review – the
IPEVO PoV and a networked security camera from Brando.

ASUS Eee PC 4G (701) Review

Last year, Asus rocked the UMPC world with their announcement of a small, ultra-portable laptop – for only $200. Several
revisions, image leaks, speculative reports, and price increases later, the eeePC line was officially released – with
$200 added to price tag and 512MB RAM pulled from the default specs. I’ve had the flagship 701 model with 4GB of
solid-state disk space and a 0.3MP (300,000 pixel) webcam. Other model options include the 2G ($300) and 4G ($350)
Surfs with 2GB and 4GB SSD and no webcam, as well as the 8GB SSD/1GB RAM 8G at $500.

PDair Leather Case for Zune 4GB and 8GB Review

Since getting my Zune 8GB, it has become a full-time replacement for my old 40GB iPod Photo. As such, I was in need of a case for it.
I have a fairly nice pink leather InCase for my iPod, and I wanted something similar for my Zune. However, seeing as my Zune is such a
pretty red color, I didn’t want to completely cover it with something. The search began.

Epson Stylus Photo RX595 Printer

I’ve never quite seen the purpose behind owning a photo printer. These days, you can print 4×6 copies of your digital pictures
for around twelve cents a picture, by way of online services like Snapfish and Wal-Mart Online. However, for some people, the
immediate satisfaction of printing photos at home is entirely worth the added expense of ink cartridges and high-quality photo
printer paper. One of Epson’s latest all-in-one photo printer offerings, the RX595, should satisfy even the most particular of these
print-at-home types.

Zune 8GB

I got into the MP3 player market a little late. I was in high school during the early years of the
digital music revolution, so I couldn’t really afford the players of the time. My very first foray
into MP3 hardware was with a very, very poorly made RCA MP3-CD player. I upgraded from that to a
Creative Muvo2 with the microdrive ripped out and a 512MB CompactFlash card installed. I never used
it much, because the interface was clunky and annoying to use.