You won’t break your fingernails opening this multi-tool!

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NEWS – The ROXON KS2 is a boxy multi-tool that features 13 built-in functions that include a saw, glass breaker, knife, ruler, nail file, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, awl, threader, bottle opener, can opener, scissors, and tweezers. What sets this EDC multi-tool apart from other affordable tools is that the built-in scissors are full-sized and have spring-loaded handles which makes them easier to use. And speaking of ease, deploying the tools on the ROXON KS2 is made easier with a button on the side that lifts the tools so you don’t have to use your fingernails. Yay! Want another reason to like this tool? It’s backed by a 10 year warranty! Grab one for just $30 from Amazon.

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